• aarti-gupta
    Aarti Gupta

    Aarti is a self-motivated and dedicated social media analyst who is proficient in analyzing and interpreting social-related data generated from various channels. She is a key member of the research team and has worked with various global clients providing actionable insights and tactical recommendations. To unwind, she loves to eat, shop and pray.

  • ashok-patro
    Ashok Patro

    Ashok leads and manages Analytics Services at TO THE NEW. He has been working very closely with global brands and agencies, helping them understand the benefits of social media monitoring and analytics. Ashok was also a co-founder of ThoughtBuzz, a social media analytics product.

  • gaurav-misra
    Gaurav Misra

    Gaurav is a thorough professional with experience in social media analytics, monitoring tools and web analytics and leads the marketing team. He closely works with the team in developing and implementing scalable analytics solution and help customers in measuring their marketing efforts. He loves travelling and exploring new places.

  • karan-doultani
    Karan Doultani

    Karan is a seasoned research professional with strong focus on primary and secondary research. He has good understanding on various industry domains and has worked with various clients. He is proactive and has good communication & listening skills. He loves playing cricket and badminton in his spare time.

  • krati-tyagi
    Krati Tyagi

    Krati is a passionate social media professional who efficiently creates holistic and data-driven presentations for clients. She has a superb attention to details and has the ability to handle multiple tasks simultaneously in a deadline oriented environment. She is big time shopaholic and loves listening to songs.

  • mansi-dawar
    Mansi Dawar

    Mansi is a social enthusiast and has deep experience in handling various custom research projects. She has expertise in analyzing market trends and drivers in the global market. Her friends call her a social butterfly. Her favorite pass time is dancing and following fashion trends and styles.

  • nadia-s-budiman
    Nadia S Budiman

    Nadia is a social media analyst who is well-versed in all aspects of social media marketing and analysis. She has vast experience in managing multiple social media platforms. Prior to this, she had started her own venture where she gained experience in business development & advertising too. She enjoys baking and travelling in her free time.

  • nina-gianan
    Nina Gianan

    Nina is a creative digital strategist who values results & innovation. She believes in the power of social listening as a key ingredient in the success of modern advertising and communication which allows her to see beyond the likes and shares to develop a clear understanding of markets and consumers. Nina is a foodie and loves trying different cuisines.

  • patricia-sanjoto
    Patricia Sanjoto

    Patricia is passionate digital marketer who loves everything about social media. She has vast experience in business development, social media and marketing and embraces new ideas & innovations. She is always eager to take on new challenges and opportunities and is an avid traveller. Besides work she also loves to read novels.

  • rahul-jain
    Rahul Jain

    Rahul is a social media enthusiast who creates and develops social media reports and helps grow the overall social media presence. His mantra in life is - "Don't work hard, work intelligently". He loves spending time with pets and loves playing Need for Speed.

  • shanuja-chandran
    Shanuja Chandran

    Shanuja is an enthusiastic, open-minded and self-motivated social media professional who enjoys learning new things to derive insights about consumer behaviour. As part of research & insights team, she brings value to her customers by monitoring their brand on various social media channels. Besides work, she loves writing blogs & articles

  • subodh-shukla
    Subodh Shukla

    Subodh is an innovative and self-motivated social media professional with strong knowledge on current and evolving social media practices. He has great eye for details and has strong understanding of the social media space and platforms. He is an avid traveler who is always ready to jump-start a new journey with his friends.

  • varun-agarwal
    Varun Agarwal

    Varun is a social media analytics consultant with experience in social strategy creation and client management. He is equipped with experience in social media startups, digital agencies and BFSI marketing and brings domain expertise as well as passion for crunching data to help clients realize full potential of social data.