Quick glimpse of FE-Conf 2016 @ TO THE NEW

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TO THE NEW organised first Front end Engineers meetup at its own office premises on 30th of January, 2016. It was really amazing Meetup I had ever attended. There were 50+ engineers who participated and made the event a successful event, in which great Front-end talents from different organizations met and shared their experiences and thoughts.


There was lot of excitement in office as soon as FE-Conf started. The hall was filled with lot of energy and enthusiasm to learn something new about Front-end world. The day-long meet up was packed with interesting and informative sessions from the young leaders of our community, which was attended by leader in JS , web development, members from different organisations such as Accenture, TCS, Sapient, IBM, Tech Mahindra, Policy Bazar, Monster, Times Internet, HCL Technologies, Fare portal are to name a few.

The event started with the keynote by Shweta Sharma, Practice head (MEAN-UI Vertical) at TO THE NEW. She talked about the evolution of Front end development from just a component in a project development cycle to a state where it can be used to develop end to end products. Also, gave a brief on the capabilities of TTND on front end development.


After the keynote, session were split into four parts with some awesome learnings and key takeaways. The topic in each session were from the latest technologies about Front-end.

The very first session was on HTML5 by Rajendera Prasad, who is working as a UI Architect at TO THE NEW. He shared:

  1. Semantic HTML
  2. HTML5 API’s
  3. Picture Elements
  4. Material Designs
  5. Web Components


Next session was on CSS3 by Rajan Shergill, a enthusisist of CSS3. In his word, he can do everything with CSS whether it’s accordion, tooltip etc. Starting with some common problems of CSS, he shared some very useful tricks of CSS which were really fruitful for any web developer. Then he showcased the accordion functionality using CSS only, that was like magic as NO jQuery was used to achieve the same. Also, he shared his experiences and discussed about the best practises of UI Development. Agenda of his session was :

  1. Power of CSS3
  2. calc()
  3. Multiple column layout
  4. Animation


This was followed by Lunch post that Manoj Nama (Full Stack MEAN Developer) took a session on JavaScript. Where he discussed about how JS runs behind the scene. It was a very deep and conceptual session. He talked about

  1. What is Blocking and Non-blocking code
  2. The Event Loop
  3. Handling Async Programming
  4. Objects and Functions


Last session of the day was on Angular JS which was taken by Jitender Chand, a Front-end developer. It was simply great with awesome content. He started his session with advantages of Angular. He talked about MVC Framework and why we need to use Angular for the same. Also, he gave us idea, how to started working on it with creating module and dependencies of Angular. In his session, he covered :

  1. The Architecture of MVC
  2. Controllers, Model and Factories
  3. Dependencies Injection
  4. Routing and multiple view
  5. Directives


The overall day was ensured to be interactive by engaging people in quizes in between the sessions as fillers.

There were so many interesting points that were discussed during the sessions which gave a lot of clarity to the enthusiastic audience who showed a interest by actively participating in this first ever meet organised by TTND. One could explicitly sense the eagerness and passion amongst the participants by the questions that were floated inside the hall.

Though it was a cold weather outside, the excitement of participants specially to meet the young front end engineers kept the whole meetup warm. A very BIG thank you to all the speakers for taking out time from their busy schedules and sharing their knowledge and experience and making this meetup into a successful event. Also, a big thank you for all the participants for making this meetup great in all aspects.


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