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28 / Apr / 2016 by Rajorshi Moitra 2 comments

When we talk of YouTube, metadata is a huge factor. Elements like titles, tags and descriptions are more important than you think. Everyone is aware of basic metadata factor but there are certain steps that we can do after making the video live, out of which YouTube Page Ranking and YouTube Video Ranking play a vital role.

Today’s blog is basically a best practice of YT, this will help you to get views from multiple searches and once you get the views and watch time ( time spent on the video ) on your video content,  the visibility increases.

Below is the example of one video :

Title : Why Rape Is A Joke In India?

Description :Rape is the most common serious crime against women. Watch a girl deliver a 6 minute stand up set on Rape. We love getting offended, but Please Relax, this is a work of satire. One line message to all the men out there.

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The current YouTube ranking of this video is from below main searches :

YouTube optimization

YouTube Search : When viewers search by these keywords, the video appears.
YouTube Page Ranking : On which page the video has ranked when searched by YT search keywords
YouTube Video Ranking : The video position on that particular YT page

Going ahead, these are the fixed main searches of this video, now add two – three keywords in the title so that it appears on other search result as well :

YouTube Optimization

Now re – write the existing title by these searches , for example :  Indian Rape Case Video | Why Rape Is A Joke In India ?

Below is the impact on YouTube page ranking and YouTube Video Ranking ( when searched by the revised YouTube search keywords ) :

After optimized indian rape case

YouTube Search

After optimized rape case video

After optimized indian rape case

Now when viewers search by these keywords rape joke, why rape in India, rape in India, India rape, rape video, rape case video, Indian rape case and rape, the video will appear.

Description : The description should start with the title or a sentence that describes your title. According to the YouTube metrics your title, first two sentence of description and first 5-10 tags should be common because it also helps in video ranking.

Last but not the least your video content will matter the most. so just try this out on your YouTube video and see the impact.


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