• ankur-ranjan-tripathi
    Ankur Ranjan Tripathi

    Ankur is one of the most senior Grails developers in our team with hands-on experience on technologies such as Java/J2EE, Groovy, Grails, Elasticsearch, Solr, Flex. Apart from being a Grails developer, he is also a part of other functions including mentoring, training and recruitments and have also been a part of organising few major events. He is an adventurer and loves motor-biking

  • bhagwat-kumar
    Bhagwat Kumar

    A master craftsman and a Groovy programmer who has diverse experience in various technologies such as Java, Grails, Node.js, AngularJS, Elasticsearch. He is a groovy developer with great acumen for accuracy and is good at tackling difficult analytical problems. He's quick in building good rapport with clients and ensures to deliver solutions with minimum technical glitches.

  • chandan-luthra
    Chandan Luthra

    Chandan is a Java, Linux and open-source developer with vast experience in various technologies like Core Java & J2EE applications and Documentum. He has architected many Grails based web applications across various industries. He is fond of coding in jQuery with Firebug, and has authored a book on Firebug 1.5 & 1.9.

  • gaurav-sharma
    Gaurav Sharma

    Gaurav is an experienced Grails developer, a quick learner and believes in smart work. Other than his good coding skills, he is a Linux enthusiast and loves to play football. Being an expert Groovy developer, he has been part of many Grails projects in varied domains. His knowledge and professionalism is an asset to any team he belongs to. He loves reading novels and playing cricket.

  • gunpreet-kaur-bedi
    Gunpreet Kaur Bedi

    A sincere and hardworking Grails developer and a quick learner. People love her for her simplicity and her ability to solve complex groovy problems. She is a fun loving girl and dedicated towards her work. Being an expert Groovy developer, she is also a part of grails recruitment team. Besides being a good team player, she also loves writing blogs, mentoring people and maintaining quality code.

  • himanshu-seth
    Himanshu Seth

    Himanshu heads the Grails Practice at TO THE NEW. His immense knowledge and experience in terms of technical know-how, business understanding, project implementations & strong debugging skills brings successful results. He is passionate about quality and has been a part of innumerous Grails projects. Very few people understands Grails as he does.

  • mir-imran
    Mir Imran

    A Grails architect and Groovy developer who has been a part of critical Grails projects starting from requirement gathering to delivery. As a Grails ninja, he believes in maintaining healthy code base and loves working on new technologies and advocates Test Driven Development. He also has exposure on Elasticsearch, AngularJs, Spock. His hobbies are reading, swimming and gaming.

  • puneet-behl
    Puneet Behl

    An experienced Grails developer and an Oracle Certified Java Programmer who loves coding and finding optimized solution for problems. He is goal oriented, multi-skilled professional with excellent communication and inter-personal skills. A big time fitness freak who also likes playing table tennis in his free time.

  • puneet-kaur
    Puneet Kaur

    Puneet is an experienced Grails developer who is highly valued for her dedication and her ability to excel in a collaborative environment. She has been a part of critical Grails projects and has extensive experience working on technologies and frameworks such as groovy, Node.js, AngularJS, FTL. Being an expert Groovy developer, she loves sharing knowledge and loves to learn from other Grails developers as well.

  • roni

    A polyglot developer, a coding addict & TO THE NEW's own Kanban evangelist. With excellent communication and inter-personal skills combined he has become the "go to" person for any assistance. He has strong knowledge on various languages and technologies including Java, Groovy/Grails, Javascript, Node.js, AngularJS, PHP, Vertx, ExtJS etc.

  • tarun-pareek
    Tarun Pareek

    Tarun is an experienced Grails developer and a key contributor in the Grails team. He is sincere, hard working and a congenial team player. He has a knack for business analysis and problem solving coupled with solid technical background. His coding skills are poetic as the fellow Grails developers call him a software poet. He doesn’t get off the couch while watching Formula 1.

  • uday-pratap-singh
    Uday Pratap Singh

    A Grails developer who is brilliant with databases and GORM and has worked in over 20+ Grails projects. Being an expert Groovy developer, he is a key member for maintaining the code quality of different Grails projects and evangelizes test-driven development in the team. He enjoys spreading his knowledge through blogging on groovy. He is very affable guy not within the Grails team, but the entire organization.