• Dhiraj Sharma MEAN stack developer
    Dhiraj Sharma

    Dhiraj is a full MEAN stack developer & a MongoDB administrator. As a proficient Node.js developer, he understands the front-end & back-end technologies to its core. He is highly focused on developing sustainable web application and has worked with major clients, as a lead Node.js engineer. Apart from being a core Node.js developer and MEAN stack developer, he loves music & virtual games!

  • Manoj Nama Node.js Architect
    Manoj Nama

    Technology is something, Manoj is absolutely passionate about. He is an expert fullstack JavaScript and MongoDB Certified developer and a key architect of AngularJS team. He has excellent development skills and has completed various projects for diverse industry domains. Even though nerdy. Apart from being a MEAN Stack developer, he is crazy for Formula 1 and loves to draw and design user interactions.

  • Rishabh Dixit Node.js Developer
    Rishabh Dixit

    Rishabh is a MongoDB Certified developer with deep experience in Node.js framework. He is not just a Node.js developer, but a technology enthusiast and a lead MongoDB engineer in the MEAN stack team who believes in the philosophy of "talk less and do more". He believes in taking initiatives and has great ability to learn new technical concepts quickly with minimal outside help.

  • Rubi Node.js Developers

    Rubi is an experienced Node.js developer & an expert Certified MongoDB developer with sound technical background. Being a top notch NodeJS developer is her passion. She is hardworking and a dreamer who strongly believes that the sky is her limit. Apart from being a core Node.js developer, her favourite pastime is to solve puzzles and hang around with friends. Yet another shopaholic, although being a workaholic developer.

  • Sakshi Tyagi AngularJS Developer
    Sakshi Tyagi

    Sakshi, a gold medalist in her University, is a JavaScript enthusiast, a certified MongoDB developer and a senior AngulrJS programmer. Apart from being one of the core AngularJS developers, She is a keen learner, devoted developer and a regular blogger. She is one of the few AngularJS developers who believes in gaining knowledge and using it for both personal as well as organizational development. She is a vivacious person and a passionate dancer.

  • Sandeep Kumar
    Sandeep Kumar

    An Agile programmer & a MEAN stack developer, Sandeep has an expert knowledge in AngularJS, Express.Js, Hapi.js, Node.js, MongoDB and HTML/CSS. He has vast experience in application programming, module development, architecting complex & scalable applications. He believes in introspection and looks for ways to better himself as a person.

  • Vibhor Kukreja MongoDB developer
    Vibhor Kukreja

    Vibhor is an expert fullstack Javascript & a Certified MongoDB developer with experience in NodeJs, MongoDB, AngularJs & Firebase. He is extremely versatile and an enthusiastic team player who is diligent in planning and managing complex MEAN stack projects. He loves Bollywood and is a movie buff. He is one of the core Node.js developers and he loves socializing and hanging out with buddies, especially on road trips.

  • Vineeta Sharma Javascript developer
    Vineeta Sharma

    Vineeta is a fervent Javascript developer with in-depth experience in software development and integration. She has expert technical knowledge on MEAN stack development technologies such as AngularJs, NodeJs, MongoDB and ExpressJS. She loves to explore new places, make new friends and spend quality time with family. Her love for dogs is inexplicable.