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Managing large infrastructures on AWS has become really challenging with the growing complexity of Cloud and choice overload. MyCloud is an advanced AWS Cloud usage analytics and optimization platform that provides insights along with recommendations in accordance with the best practices suggested by AWS that help you to manage cloud resources effectively while bringing down costs by more than 15%

Why MyCloud?
  • AWS resources on a single platform
    Unified view of all AWS resources on a single platform

    Provides a smart insights dashboard that shows real time granular data with monthly trends and forecasts

  • Cloud Analytics
    In-depth cloud analytics to reduce infrastructure cost

    Provides cloud discounting options, smart purchase recommendations with actionable insights to save cost within few minutes

  • Ensure cloud governance
    Ensure cloud governance

    Identifies unused or over provisioned VMs or inactive instances with cost effective downsizing options

  • Enhance Cloud Security
    Enhance cloud security

    Provides cloud discounting options, smart purchase recommendations with actionable insights to save cost within few minutes

  • Maintain Account Health
    Maintain account health

    Ensures account healthy by sending notifications to users in case of outage or degraded performance

  • Enable smart consumption planning
    Enable smart consumption planning

    Helps to make smart decisions by pulling insights from historical data and predicting consumption

Platform Features
Cost Analysis

Cost Analysis

Provides a list of underutilized RDS, EC2 instances, lists unused elastic IPs, EBS volumes & load-balancers. It also provides purchase recommendations with cloud discounting options.

Usage Analysis

Usage Analysis

Identifies all zombie instances by breaking down the hourly CPU utilization in 5 different buckets and recommending ways for downsizing.

Security Analysis

Security Analysis

Highlights RDS instances & S3 buckets which are unrestricted and publicly available. Alerts on publicly exposed dangerous ports, IAM keys ageing more than 90 days, EBS volumes without snapshots and the list of RDS instances without automated backups enabled.

Realtime Alerts & Notifications

Realtime Alerts & Notifications

MyCloud sends daily email notifications to users in case of an outage or degraded performance. It also sends a daily summary of your AWS spend and account health.

MyCloud Overview

MyCloud is a smart insights dashboard that gives a hawk eye view of complete cloud infrastructure

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