• Ashish-Singh-Panwar
    Ashish Singh Panwar

    An Adobe certified CQ/AEM architect and consultant, Ashish leads the AMC practice. His areas of interests are Content Management System, responsive design and analytics. He has exceptional skills in building relationships with clients, partners and his colleagues. When not coding, he spends time playing Table Tennis and loves to be with his family.

  • Dipti-Narang
    Dipti Narang

    Dipti has over 8 years of experience in designing and enhancing high performance Java web applications in Content Management Systems. She has 3+ years of experience in AEM technology and completely understands third party integrations with AEM. She has an in-depth experience in content modelling, content migration, search and connector implementations. Her other areas of interests are reading fiction and non-fiction books, travelling to off-beat destinations, exploring different Content Management Systems and interacting with new people.

  • Jatin Gupta

    Jatin is an enthusiastic AEM developer with in-depth knowledge about third party integrations. He is passionate about web technologies and has great analytics capabilities. He is well versed with Java, JS Frameworks such as Angular.js, Node.js, Flash Media Server, Hibernate and Spring MVC. He is immensely dedicated towards every project that he is assigned and loves to play pool and read tech blogs during his leisure.

  • Jayati-Mittal
    Jayati Mittal

    Jayati is an experience AEM developer with specialities in e-commerce domain. She is well-aware about various Agile methodologies and her competencies also span across Java, Groovy, Javascript, Gradle, Maven, ExtJS etc. Jayati is hardworking and committed to her work. She has great problem solving skills. She loves to make friends given her excellent inter-personal and communication skills. She is a travel enthusiast and loves dabbling into zumba and badminton in her spare time. 

  • Prabhdeep-Puri
    Prabhdeep Puri

    Prabhdeep is an experienced AEM developer having extreme technical competencies across Java, Spring, Dust.js, Sightly/HTL, JUnit, Mockito and PostgreSQL. He has successfully delivered various multilingual AEM Content Migration projects. His commitment, hard work and quick learning abilities makes him a go-to person in the team. Apart from remaining updated about the latest in tech, he loves biking, playing pool and bowling. 

  • Rajeev-Kumar
    Rajeev Kumar

    Rajeev is an AEM developer and oracle certified Java programmer. He has acquired in-depth knowledge of  Groovy and Grails and front-side scripting language like JQuery and Angular js. Apart from these, he is also well-aware of database domains like MySQL, MongoDB and Neo4j. He is a sincere, hardworking and quick learner. He is fun loving, but extremely dedicated towards work.

  • Ravikant-Sharma
    Ravikant Sharma

    Ravi is a software developer with vast working experience in various technologies such as Java, J2EE technology stack, Adobe Experience Manager, AngularJS, and Spring MVC. He has in-depth experience in designing complex back-end system with prominent solutions. He is an active team player and a quick learner who believes in the the thought "Knowledge belongs to All". He has good communication and interpersonal skills. He loves sharing knowledge, mentoring people and watching documentaries on latest technologies and inventions.

  • Vivek-Sachdeva
    Vivek Sachdeva

    Vivek is an experienced AEM Developer. He is an Adobe Certified Expert and Oracle Certified Java Professional. In addition to AEM, he has extensive experience working on Sling, Java, Groovy, jQuery. He is passionate about code quality and exploring new technologies whenever he can. He loves travelling and playing table tennis.