Blockchain is a distributed network commonly known as a shared, distributed ledger for recording transactions and tracking both tangible and intangible assets.

Blockchain application development is quickly gaining traction across multiple industries. Our experts can consult you on your Blockchain needs and help to uncover different avenues where you can leverage Blockchain. Right from implementing cryptographic algorithms to auditing smart contracts, we can do it all. Our approach to distributed Blockchain application development decentralizes the application basis your custom needs, brings in high level of security and creates a network that helps to trace and verify transactions. It helps to avoid fraud and double-spending. Our experts have an understanding of multiple frameworks such as Ethereum and Hyperledger, among others.

Our Offerings
We are one of the leading blockchain service providers having expertise in developing blockchain based enterprise business applications, smart contracts, ICO’s and cryptocurrencies including blockchain based business networks.

Blockchain Consulting and Proof of Concept

We understand your overall business objectives, consult you on various avenues of Blockchain implementation and build a proof of concept after validating the idea. 

B2B Enterprise Blockchain Application

Development of Blockchain based B2B enterprise business application which helps businesses to collaborate in a more effective and secured manner, reducing risks of fraud and data tempering.

Blockchain Based Distributed Application Development (DApp)

Right from designing an interactive frontend UI to a robust backend our DApp development answers all your needs. 

Smart Contracts, E-wallet & Exchange Platforms

Our Blockchain technology solutions comprise of developing smart contract management platforms, exchange platforms and secure e-wallets apps for multiple platforms. 

Blockchain Cloud Services

With 200+ cloud implementations, we can easily integrate your Blockchain application with public and private cloud platforms.

QA and Testing

Our testing capabilities validate distributed ledgers and app interfaces across multiple platforms. Our Agile and CICD led approach enables continuous testing of Blockchain applications. 

Our Technologies
We leverage a variety of tools, platforms, technologies and approaches to build secure and reliable Blockchain applications, Smart Contracts and Cryptocurrencies. 

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Industry Application
A larger number of companies have started leveraging Blockchain for multiple applications. We have outlined some of the industry use cases here.


Banking and Financial Institutions have been able to successfully leverage Blockchain to reduce the risks from cyberattacks and ensure transparency in transactions. They are also using it to simplify KYC process, remove middlemen for payments and so on. 

Supply Chain

Blockchain has been able to reduce frauds across supply chain. It also facilitates exchange of documents such as LC and automates payment execution with Smart Contracts. Supply Chain companies are also using Blockchain to improve inventory management and resolve errors faster. 


A lot of players including large Automobile manufacturers have started leveraging Blockchain to create open platform where users can control their driving data. Blockchain will also improve inbound plant logistics, supply chain finance, and allow to trace spare parts across different service centers. 


Healthcare companies can easily manage patient data and store data in a way that can improve quality of care. Precision medicine, geometric research, drug traceability and nationwide interoperability are some of the advanced use cases of Blockchain in healthcare. 


Retail has been able to leverage Blockchain to improve loyalty programs by using digital tokens. Customers can also send and receive digital tokens without the problem of online fraud. As data is stored in a decentralized manner, Blockchain also enables personalization.


Blockchain's data immutability characteristic would prevent Internet enabled things from sending misleading information. Business partners can access the loT data without the need for centralized control.


Do you also have these queries?

  • What are some of the benefits of Blockchain based ledgers?

    With Blockchain, you can easily avoid double spending and fraud. As there is no third party authentication, it is easy to reduce transaction costs. On the other side, around the clock remittance reduce time of transaction. The decentralized database encrypts the assets and regulates changes to data. With control over access, it also brings transparency and strengthens security of business. It helps to govern transactions in banks and financial institutions, ensures access management, tracks supply chains, secures crowdfunding, and can do so much more.

  • What kind of Blockchain cloud services do you offer?

    There are multiple benefits of Blockchain cloud services such as increased business velocity, rapid provisioning, continuous ledger backups for point-in-time recovery and much more. Our experts can help to build and connect distributed ledgers to your existing or new cloud platform. We also ensure that the cloud based infrastructure is completely secure with advanced encryption. Our Blockchain as a service covers all the leading cloud platforms including IBM’s BlueMix, AWS and Microsoft Azure, among others.

  • What kind of Cryptocurrency development do you support?

    Cryptocurrencies are based on Blockchain and we can help you develop end to end cryptocurrency software including Custom altcoin creation Wallet creation Faucet creation of coins Coin alterations We can also help you develop cryptocurrency of your own similar to a Bitcoin. Once the technical framework is in place, you can market it and position your crypto for success.

  • Why do we need Smart Contract development and what are the different offerings?

    Smart Tokens and Smart Contracts help you to establish trust among your customers. Our offerings include development of smart contracts and smart tokens including ERC20 token contracts and ICO development. We have in-depth understanding of Solidity and other programming languages required to develop smart contracts. We can also perform verification and audit for our customers by reviewing their smart contracts code. We can find the security gaps as well as code problems and recommend solutions to the problems if any through a detailed report.