Devendra Madheshiya


Getting to know the Console API for better debugging

Developer tools are powerful tools to debugging javascript file in development of front-end web applications. The console has an API that provides a number of methods that make debugging easier. There has a multiple method for debugging JavaScript files in web applications. Debug your web applications using the methods provided by the...



Parallax scrolling using CSS

Parallax is a scrolling technique used to move background images slowly with content. We can also handle it with JavaScript but I found it has some compatibility issues with browsers. I tried to do this by using CSS only. It is compatible with all browser and devices. Using css parallax makes website effective and attractive. You can...



Responsive Tables using CSS

In this blog, I will show you how to build responsive table layout with using CSS only. The best practice says not to use table while creating HTML markup but sometime we came across such situations to use table to show tabular data. In the tabular data, sometime it’s not easy to manage in different resolution. In the table we have...