Rajeev Kumar

Rajeev is an AEM developer and oracle certified Java programmer. He has acquired in-depth knowledge of Groovy and Grails and front-side scripting language like JQuery and Angular js. Apart from these, he is also well-aware of database domains like MySQL, MongoDB and Neo4j. He is a sincere, hardworking and quick learner. He is fun loving, but extremely dedicated towards work.

Java, Technology

How to Access Google Analytics Dimensions in AEM?

I was working on a project CONAG where I had to create a mapping page for Google Analytics (similar to what Adobe Analytics provide for AEM) in which I needed all the dimensions of Google Analytics so that I could map these dimensions with AEM variables. To get these dimensions of an account, we need to have Analytics object for...



Google Analytics Mapping Console in AEM

Web analytics is an integral part of every application. It is a process to gather useful information to measure the behavior of the visitors on a website, levels of traffic, the most popular pages etc.  These analytics provides various insights about the visitor such as: The audience: No. of visits on your website; know if...