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Live Stream Encoding

In this blog, we have listed the steps to create a set-up using which we can capture live streaming from source camera & pass it to any streaming device which includes mobile, browser or smart-tv apps. Using this set-up, we can stream any live event like a conference, cricket match etc.  MediaLive is a real-time video service that...


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“Controlled Chaos” – Moderating the User Generated Content

Back in 2007, a movie featuring Madhuri Dixit was released; a film where we could see the quintessential heroine of the Indian screen after almost a decade. This movie was a disaster, but it gained bad publicity because of a completely different reason. A few lines in one of the songs were not taken well by a community and hence was...

by Akhil

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VOD Encoding

In this blog, we will understand the workflow to transcode raw video file so that it can be streamed on any device including mobile, browser & smart-tv. Here, we will achieve Adaptive Bitrate behaviour as well. MediaConvert is a file-based video transcoding service which allows you to easily create Video-on-Demand (VOD) content for...


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An interview with Pradeep Chopra, CEO Digital Vidya shares his views on How Digital Marketing is impacting enterprises in India

TO THE NEW is on a constant quest to pick the brains of top industry experts. Here is the one we have recently picked and wanted to share. Interview with Pradeep Chopra, a renowned International speaker on Digital Marketing and CEO at Digital Vidya. About Pradeep: Among the pioneers of Digital Marketing, Pradeep has been part of...


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6 Top Considerations for Building a Connected TV Experience

In this era of connected consumerism, connected TVs have steadily embarked their journey. More and more users are now expecting experiential interactions to be extended to their living rooms. It is now time for brands to make TVs an essential and not optional channel while defining their digital strategies. There is a definite trend...


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Cloud DVR – A New Wave In The Next Generation TV Services

The TV industry has witnessed a phenomenal transition from the industrial age to the current digital age. The proliferation of smartphones and tablets have boosted the consumption of videos. Today, people are increasingly leveraging the power of Internet to consume videos anytime, anywhere and on any device. The substantial changes in the...


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5 Compelling Features Of An OTT Platform That Content Owners Should Know

OTT or Over-The-Top (OTT) global market is growing at a rapid pace and has become a turning point in the TV and broadcasting industry. OTT has given a significant competition to the traditional cable providers. The digital disruption brought about by OTT has changed the dynamics of the television business, making it completely...


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Video Sitemaps

What are video sitemaps? Video sitemaps is the most efficient way that tells Google where and what the video content is on your site. It helps to get all the content which we might not discover otherwise by our usual crawling methods. It will index the content in search engines such as As per Google itself: “...


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Adaptive Video Streaming and HLS file structure

Ever wondered how those multiple resolutions of videos are available on youtube or some other website when you have uploaded only a single file. Well, the process is called 'video transcoding or video encoding'. Describing it in layman's terms 'Video encoding is the process of converting a video from one format to another format so that...


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7 CRAZY First YouTube Videos Ideas to Try!

Okay! It seems a little frightening to upload a video on your YouTube channel that gets created by default when you log in to your Gmail account. I am a passionate YouTube expert, and I recommend we all should, first of all, come out of the nervous state of mind and believe that there’s no PERFECT idea or FORMULA to decode how to be...


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Devil’s’ Advocacy for India’s OTT Goldrush

We saw the rise and fall of food-tech in the past few years and there are clear lessons that everyone has learnt. First lesson, it is not a gold rush but a rat-race; a maddening race that everyone wants to run or has a mandate to run. Second lesson is to think about the running operations before even conceptualising the product. ...

by Akhil

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[INFOGRAPHICS] Is VOD without YouTube A Profitable Venture for Content Owners?

This is an era of web video revolution. If videos are becoming the King of Content, then YouTube is the King of video platforms. But, the trend proclaiming YouTube as the undisputed champion of video content marketing has started waning. This is mainly due to the mushrooming of numerous VOD platforms and live streaming applications....

by Yoosuf