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Ensuring Code Quality and Performance in Offshore Projects

Technology landscape is constantly evolving. Companies that are able to embrace advances in data, machine learning, analytics, cloud, mobility, IoT and other digital technologies are able to successfully go to market faster and outperform competitors.  While some companies are able to hire experts in-house to build disruptive products,...


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Management’s Guide to Create an Exemplary Release Management Cycle

We won't be entirely wrong if we stated that the Agile is now becoming the defacto. Several organizations have adopted Agile as a part of their development culture after its advantages were widely known. Even though, Agile has found many takers there may be a few challenges when it comes to taking this process up in reality. Let us...


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[Infographic] Top 6 Reasons to On-board Cloud Managed Service Provider

Cloud is becoming a natural choice for global organizations as it not only enables digital transformation for companies but offers flexibility, scalability, cost efficiency and much more. Moving to the cloud is surely a great way to boost operational efficiency but managing cloud infrastructure is a daunting task. Companies need to take...


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10 Common Scrum Mistakes and How to Avoid

More and more product companies are making a shift from their traditional way of working by embracing new-age digital technologies. This is mainly because they want to remain competitive and reach out to market faster than their competitors. While adapting to digital technologies, these companies are also leveraging Agile methods and...


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Reinventing Operating Model for Product Companies

Operating Model Transformation Story The case for Netflix is a well-known one. What started out as a DVD rental company, is one of the largest online video streaming company today with more than 100 million subscribers worldwide. The Netflix story is not a story of chance, but that of proactive choices for survival and winning in a world...


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Microservices and Node.js

Traditional software product development starts with one problem in mind and project continues to grow with an inclusion of new feature this leads to a single monolithic system. Every new functionality added increases complexity and difficulty in scaling system. Increasing functionality results in an increase in thousand lines of code...


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12 Tips to Succeed at Managing Distributed Agile Teams

Outsourced software development has increased in the recent years. Companies have multiple benefits by outsourcing their product development needs to offshore delivery center or a remote development partner. The two main benefits are cost advantage and technology skillset. Most of these projects have teams that are geographically...


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Infographic: 5 Roadmaps Every Product Company Should Consider!

Software Product development is challenging. There are various phases through which a product passes before it is launched. A roadmap helps to lay down the foundation and provide direction to the product owner and development teams about how to steer the product. Without a roadmap, it is difficult to budget expenses, find resources,...


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Infographic: 10 Key Considerations to Launch a Product

Product companies are facing challenges related to faster time to market, continuous evolution and a superior customer experience. For product companies, it is extremely challenging to build innovative software products that can drive growth in less time. For a product to be successful in the market, it requires more than faster time to...


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Key Considerations for Product Companies to Succeed at New Product Launch – Part I (Pre-Launch Stage)

Product development comes with multiple challenges. Companies need to understand evolving customer behavior and new digital technologies to come up with a product that is intuitive, robust, high performing and providing a superior experience to customers.  Apart from understanding the consumer, there are multiple other factors that...


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Best Practices for Creating a Compelling Product Roadmap

We have all witnessed a new wave of innovation across various industries. Multiple new products are launched every day with a core focus on solving some of the most rugged business challenges and providing end users with instant gratification. One core focus of most product companies is to launch products faster to market. This gives...


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An Overview of Microservice Architecture – Part I

Companies want to bid farewell to legacy architecture and digitize their business models, products and infrastructure. While some advanced companies are leveraging two-speed IT, DevOps and Cloud, some others are still trying to figure out a way to build disruptive web and mobile products faster. Moreover, growing consumer demands have...