Content Management, CQ5/AEM

Content Management in the age of Customer Experience Management

Content has become one of the most crucial factors impacting the customer experience. Brands are investing a lot of efforts to improve the content and build stories that sell. The emphasis on content production has never been stronger as it is today. Given the multitude of digital channels that the millennials are using for content...


Content Management, CQ5/AEM

Headless CMS – An Overview

Content has become a new prerogative of companies wanting to improve customer experience. It is content that sells. Storytelling is gaining traction and so is content marketing. Organizations are producing large amounts of data and content, but a heap of data is of no use. Content Management Systems act as a key enabler for managing large...


Content Management, CQ5/AEM

Twitter API Integration with AEM Using Talend

Recently, I came across an interesting use case to fetch tweets from Twitter and post it to AEM instance. Since tweets content can be huge and this use case is similar to that of migration, involving extraction, transformation, and loading of the content, I decided to use an ETL tool called Talend. Talend is a leading open source...


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How to Upgrade Existing Code Base to Latest AEM Version?

Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) is an Enterprise Web Content Management System which is used in high impact environments hosting voluminous pages and serving many users.It also involves integration with custom applications and customization of existing AEM features. Because of these complexities, the upgradations of AEM from one version to...



Configuring Dispatcher, Author and Publish Instance of Adobe Experience Manager (AEM)

A shorter time to market is critical to product companies. With the growth in competition, it is important to deliver a fast, secure and seamless application experience.  It is the usability of the application that will differentiate an organization from its competitors. Adobe Experience Manager (or AEM), a component of the Adobe...


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Important Considerations for Migrating Content from a CMS to AEM – Blog Series – Blog 2

This is the second part of the two-blog series on 'Important things to consider for Migrating Content to AEM'. Click here to checkout blog-1. Following are some more points to help in the process of migration to AEM: Migration Strategy: Decision of what strategy/approach is needed to be followed for migration is very important....


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Easy Digitization of Long and Complex Form with AEM!!!

Opening a bank account or a savings account is a usually a long and tedious form filling exercise of filling 3 to 4 pages. Moreover, these forms contain small font that makes it hard to read them. Many times, bank executives to ease you from this trouble ask you to sign in particular places of the form, assuring they will take care of...


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How to Access Google Analytics Dimensions in AEM?

I was working on a project CONAG where I had to create a mapping page for Google Analytics (similar to what Adobe Analytics provide for AEM) in which I needed all the dimensions of Google Analytics so that I could map these dimensions with AEM variables. To get these dimensions of an account, we need to have Analytics object for...


CQ5/AEM, Technology

Top 6 Translation Features in AEM 6.2

There are few out-of-the-box Translation features in AEM which are used for overall translation management and specifically for translation connector implementation. The base foundation of these features were already laid down with the release of AEM 6.1 however the enhancements in AEM 6.2 have made the implementation and the entire...


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Google Analytics Mapping Console in AEM

Web analytics is an integral part of every application. It is a process to gather useful information to measure the behavior of the visitors on a website, levels of traffic, the most popular pages etc.  These analytics provides various insights about the visitor such as: The audience: No. of visits on your website; know if...


CQ5/AEM, Technology

How To Implement a Translation Connector in AEM?

The purpose of a Translation Connector in any Content Management System (CMS) is to automate content transmission between CMS and Translation Service Providers making it quicker and cost-effective. Such integration is required when there is a need to maintain multiple languages in CMS. Similarly, for projects in Adobe Experience Manager...