CQ5/AEM, Java

Issues while Migrating from Java6 to Java8 in AEM 6.1

Recently while working on AEM 6.1, I had to move from Java 6 to Java 8. Simply changing the Java version in POM led to some issues with OSGi services. Specifically, those services that were using @Reference annotation were not getting active and remained in "satistied" state. Here are all the steps I followed firstly to change Java...



AEM Integration with Spring

The purpose of this blog is to provide the details on how to integrate Spring in Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) aka CQ5 with the help of OSGI extender. This will open up the world of Spring (DI, AOP, Caching, web services (REST/SOAP), transactions, logging etc.) to AEM projects. This integration will be very vital for the projects, which...



Changing the Port of a Running AEM Instance

AEM derives the port number from the quickstart jar file. As the documentation says that by renaming the jar file, we can configure AEM to run on a different port. But this requires an instance shutdown. What if we want to change the port number of a running AEM instance? What if it is an e-Commerce site and shutting down the server...