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TO THE NEW Organized TechFluence, 2018: Highlights

TechFluence, 2018 is a community-driven technology conference organized by TO THE NEW on 24th March 2018 in Crowne Plaza, New Delhi. We have been organizing GrailsConf, an independent series of global conferences with a complete focus on Groovy, Grails, Gradle and the related technologies from last 5 years.  This year we decided to...


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Infographic – 5 Benefits of Using DevOps with Cloud

Cloud has multiple advantages such as reduced total cost of ownership, on-demand provisioning of resources and much more. However, DevOps together with Cloud can be more beneficial. While Cloud helps to modernize the IT infrastructure, DevOps helps to automate it. DevOps not only helps in automating the delivery pipeline but also...


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5 Benefits of Using DevOps with Cloud

Product development has become highly sophisticated over the years. Unlike the yesteryears, business agility is the key to survive competition and market demands. Most organizations are doing away with traditional hardware inventories and embracing cloud and other digital technologies for the numerous benefits. Apart from moving to Cloud,...


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Why CIOs Should Adopt Containers Technology?

Container service is not new, it was built around ten years ago in Linux environment also known as Linux container (LXC). But today, docker is most popular and has become synonymous to containers. So before talking about some container technologies like Docker, Kubernetes, we have to understand what container service is, and what is...


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Infographic: 7 Best DevOps Tools for Agile IT

DevOps is a concept that emphasizes on building a culture of collaboration between developers and IT professionals. DevOps has been around for a while now and is being rapidly adopted by most of the software development organizations. Most IT organizations have formed their in-house DevOps teams that help in automation of end to end...


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Empower Vagrant with Chef

Vagrant is a development friendly tool to make easy creation of development environments. In its own words it "Creates and configures lightweight, reproducible, and portable development environments". Today we are going to learn how we can use chef-zero to provision guest OS for the development environment. We are not going to explore...


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AWS OpsWorks Best Practices

We, the DevOps team at TO THE NEW have been practicing the DevOps Methodology from the last few years. We call ourselves DevOps architects, who love to do automation irrespective of the scripting language or cloud platform. As a DevOps architect, I have been using OpsWork from quite a long time. Hence, today I thought of sharing few of...


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Nagios Parser to configure Nagios configuration files through Chef

                                    Nagios Parser is a ruby library that can be used as a gem to parse values from the Nagios configuration files. These values can used as arrays or hashes to suit the use case. In this blog, we will see how to use the Nagios Parser library to define a configuration file using the...


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CHEF Test Kitchen: How to test CHEF recipes on your workstation

Prerequisite: It is recommended to have basic understanding of CHEF and its components. In case you want to go through the basics of CHEF click here Use Case: If you are already using CHEF in your environment, you often write new cookbooks and for testing those you either need to start new virtual machines or cloud instances. This...


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User Mangement using CHEF and AWS OpsWorks

CHEF is the most popular configuration management tool in the market these days as CHEF turns infrastructure into code and you can do almost anything using it. Recipes are the heart of CHEF. OpsWorks has been gaining a lot of momentum for last few months, the major factor being its support for CHEF. So, in this blog we will be discussing...


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CHEF recipe to change pem file of running ec2 instances and adding a new user to all the instances and give sudo privileges

This blog is to enable AWS chef professionals to change pem of running servers or to add a new user with sudo privileges to an EC2 server farm using chef. The post actually refers to a production usecase in which there is a huge number of instances running on single or multiple pem files which needed to be replaced instantly to a single...


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Using Custom Chef Recipes in AWS OpsWorks

AWS OpsWorks is an application management service that makes it easy to deploy and operate applications of all shapes and sizes. You can define the application’s architecture and the specification of each component including package installation, software configuration and resources such as storage. Start from templates for common...