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How to succeed at DevOps? Lessons and considerations from DevOps unicorns!

Faster time to market, shorter release cycles, continuous integration, and deployment are some of the biggest benefits that organizations embracing DevOps receive. DevOps space has evolved over the period with containers and microservices taking the center stage. Docker, Puppet, and Chef are some of the leading players that have...


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Infographic – 5 Benefits of Using DevOps with Cloud

Cloud has multiple advantages such as reduced total cost of ownership, on-demand provisioning of resources and much more. However, DevOps together with Cloud can be more beneficial. While Cloud helps to modernize the IT infrastructure, DevOps helps to automate it. DevOps not only helps in automating the delivery pipeline but also...


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5 Benefits of Using DevOps with Cloud

Product development has become highly sophisticated over the years. Unlike the yesteryears, business agility is the key to survive competition and market demands. Most organizations are doing away with traditional hardware inventories and embracing cloud and other digital technologies for the numerous benefits. Apart from moving to Cloud,...


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Why CIOs Should Adopt Containers Technology?

Container service is not new, it was built around ten years ago in Linux environment also known as Linux container (LXC). But today, docker is most popular and has become synonymous to containers. So before talking about some container technologies like Docker, Kubernetes, we have to understand what container service is, and what is...


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Infographic: 7 Best DevOps Tools for Agile IT

DevOps is a concept that emphasizes on building a culture of collaboration between developers and IT professionals. DevOps has been around for a while now and is being rapidly adopted by most of the software development organizations. Most IT organizations have formed their in-house DevOps teams that help in automation of end to end...


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Puppet manifests to change pem key of running ec2 instances

This blog is in continuation to our previous blog. The focus of this blog is to enable AWS professionals to change pem of running servers or to add a new user with sudo privileges to an EC2 server farm using Puppet. Similar use case of performing the same task using CHEF has been discussed here. So lets start. First of all, a test setup...