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Continuous Delivery – How to Make Your Pipeline Robust and Efficient?

Frequent and shorter releases, faster feedback, less risky deployments and resilient systems - do they sound familiar? Well, modern technology companies are focusing and emphasizing on Continuous Integration, Continuous Delivery and Continuous Deployment to improve time to market and get an edge over the competitors. Continuous...


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Automate Selenium testing with Jenkins

Selenium is a tool widely used for automating testing of web applications. One step ahead, integrating the selenium with Jenkins takes it to the next level. In this blog, we would be configuring Jenkins to run selenium test cases on an ubuntu environment. Scenario: Configure Jenkins to perform Selenium test cases with one click. ...


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Git Branch Per Feature : Avoid repeated sync of feature branch using git “rerere”

In this blog we were going to discuss some "Feature branching and it's repeated sync" disorder and it's cure using git "rerere" to keep the sanctity of git BPF - Branch Per Feature. First of all, I would like to discuss benefits of git BPF and how we miss use it and fall in trap of "Feature branching and it's repeated sync"...


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AWS CodeCommit

AWS has recently launched a new service which is now available generally. AWS CodeCommit is the service we would be talking briefly about in this blog. AWS CodeCommit hosts private Git repositories. You can Store code & any other type of file with AWS CodeCommit. It follows Git standards & can be used with other  tools for...


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AWS OpsWorks: PHP App Deployment using Git

AWS OpsWorks is a service which can be used to manage applications and can be used to operate applications of all shapes and sizes. In this blog we will discuss steps to automate a PHP app using AWS OpsWorks and Git. OpsWorks is an AWS service that can be used to automate the different kinds of app deployments. It is highly versatile as...



Finding authors of all remote branches in a git repository.

Git is a widely adopted Version Control System known for its branching support. Recently I was required to find out all the remote branches with their author names. Upon browsing over the web I found that command git-for-each-ref can help me. Here is how I combined it with grep to get the desired output: [code] git for-each-ref...