2020 Budget Analysis; Top Reactions of Entrepreneurs

Deepak Mittal, CEO & Co-founder, TO THE NEW: Being the first budget of the decade, this budget holds immense value & importance and we are glad to see the government’s continued commitment towards positioning India a digital hub and fostering emerging technologies.

We are thrilled with the announcement of a soon to be rolled out policy to enable private sector to build data center parks throughout the country. This would reap benefits such as on-demand access to ICT infrastructure, cater to Indian regulatory requirements as well as drive scalability for businesses in India. We were, however, also expecting the government to announce measures with respect to Data Protection keeping in mind the amount of Data being created and stored at unprecedented rates.

Moreover, the government’s move to set up an Investment Clearance Cell for entrepreneurs to offer assistance in funding, will certainly encourage more start-ups to set up their businesses in India. This will, in turn, lead to the growth of the Indian economy. With a slew of growth measures announced, the emphasis of the government is very clear on the overall economic development.

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