An organization may work toward achieving a perfect product, but traditional methods of product development and engineering are going obsolete. If you don’t evolve, you dissolve. This holds true for a product too; it needs to evolve with the market and user base. However, only a handful of product engineering & development service providers are willing to go the last mile for clients. Covering the whole nine yards, TO THE NEW engages with clients right from the product discovery stage. The company’s journey with its clients goes beyond the launch of any product. Every product is tested early with prototypes. Besides, the firm believes in the continuous perfection of any product. Therefore, the expert team at TO THE NEW brings in the concept of Agile Iterative Product Development. After rolling out the MVP of the product (Minimum Viable Product) in not more than 3 months, this product development & engineering service provider observes the product for real-time subjective & objective feedbacks and analytics. These feedbacks help the company improve the product and introduce new features to it. Going well beyond the traditional product engineering expectations, TO THE NEW has set benchmarks catering to the UI/UX and Analytics of the product development cycle, which allows the firm to not just analyze user behaviours but also design & introduce features into the future product cycles.

Essentials of a Perfect Product

TO THE NEW has categorized its products & offerings into 5 essential segments- Digital Product Engineering (DPE), Cloud & DevOps, Data & Analytics Services, CX & Content, and Digital Marketing & Analytics. As mentioned earlier, TO THE NEW’s iterative and agile development process is at the centre of TO THE NEW’s offerings around which the applications and products are built with Cloud, Data & Security. The company’s disruptive applications and products leverage cutting-edge digital technologies with process & UX innovations. As part of the End-to-End Digital Product Development services, TO THE NEW packs experience design, web development, mobility, OTT platform development, Smart TV development, and quality engineering.

Moreover, TO THE NEW has been helping customers across the globe to define, execute, and manage their Cloud journey, via its extensive domain experience and plenteous expertise. The firm has a dedicated team of Cloud & DevOps experts at reach for the clients. These experts are equipped with knowhow spanning Cloud Professional Services, 24X7 Cloud Managed Services, and Cloud Spend Management Services.

However, TO THE NEW’s differentiating factor in its offerings lies in its ability to analyze real time feedback & user interviews and extract actionable insights to enhance the product. The company provides full-scale Data Consulting, Data Engineering, Analysis & Dashboarding services to help clients make the right decision for the business, faster. A couple of Analytics Services like Data Engineering, BI & Data Analysis, and Data Science & Advanced Analytics have proven to be quintessential for perfecting the product in every cycle. More so, with a comprehensive solution approach that includes Experience Design, Drupal, and Adobe Experience Manager, TO THE NEW helps customers with their end-to-end customer experience transformation journey. The team that makes this possible comprises 100+ Customer Experience specialists, who help businesses enhance its customer’s journey with personalized and consistent user experience. TO THE NEW also ensures that the envisioned product is led to the market with best-in-class marketing tools & technology to create brand recall for customer’s business. In order to do so, the company puts out a team of dedicated professionals demonstrating competence in creative design, social media marketing, search engine optimization, content marketing, media planning & buying, Digital Analytics, Social listening, and marketing automation.

“We are very passionate & opinionated that Agile Methodologies are the only way new product development can happen.”

Speaking about TO THE NEW’s approach to product development & engineering, Deepak Mittal, CEO & Co-Founder of TO THE NEW, expresses that agile methodologies are the right fit for exceptional product experience. He further says, “We are very passionate & opinionated that Agile Methodologies are the only way new product development can happen. Everybody is trying to get something new to the market, but not every product lands the market with a guarantee to work. Until and unless you are able to iterate on it, there is no way you can envision a perfect product. A perfect product is evolutionary”.

Feathers on the Cap

Over the years, TO THE NEWS has proven its mettle with numerous recognitions and accolades. To name the most recent ones, TO THE NEW, was positioned in the "Leadership Zone'' under Small & Medium Service Providers by Zinnov Zones ER&D Ratings 2019. Gartner recognized TO THE NEW in the top 80 service providers across the globe in Agile & DevOps Services. The company was also named 'Cloud Company of the Year' at the prestigious Stars of the Industry Awards, 2019. The awards and clientele growth goes in tandem for TO THE NEW. The firm holds the credit to have designed and built the complete digital presence for one of India’s most popular direct broadcast satellite service providers.

Galloping toward Future Goals

TO THE NEW has worked hard over the years and sets a blueprint for their future endeavors and called it Vision 2023. This mission enlists a target revenue of 100 Million by 2023. The second component of this vision is to increase the dollar retention rate amongst the existing customers to 110 percent, and third component is to keep the trust index of GPTW (Great Places To Work) above 80 percent. The fourth component of the vision directs the company to derive 30 percent of its revenue from IP based solutions and emerging areas. In the fifth and the final component, TO THE NEW is marked to impact 10,000 lives by 2023. Given the phenomenal growth that TO THE NEW has recorded for 2019-2020 YoY, i.e. 65 percent, it is pretty obvious that TO THE NEW is headed to achieve its Vision not in 2023, but in 2020 with starry performance and swarming client base.

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