TO THE NEW Launches 'MyCloud', a proprietary Cloud Management Portal 

TO THE NEW has broadcasted the launch of its new proprietary Cloud Management Portal ‘MyCloud’. This is a highly developed Cloud usage analytics and optimization portal that offers insights together with actionable suggestions in agreement with the best practices suggested by AWS.

MyCloud assists in infrastructure management and cost optimization on AWS.  The portal helps AWS users with insights based on real-time data on AWS spend analysis (monthly usage trends), AWS account usage & health along with daily email notifications, monitoring of Web Pages along with notifications in case of outage & degraded performance, and recommendations basis best practices audit around cost, security, availability & usage of AWS resources. It helps businesses reduce their AWS spends drastically.

TO THE NEW has helped over 300 internet-based companies and Fortune 500 companies in their infrastructure migration, management and cost optimization on AWS to date. Leveraging their past several years of experiences, the company has built this platform to help its customers to bring down their Cloud usage costs. The company extends MyCloud portal to its customers at no additional cost.

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