TO THE NEW organized GrailsConf 2015

TO THE NEW organised 2nd edition of Grails Conference in India on January 10, 2015 at India Habitat Centre, New Delhi in partnership with Pivotal (promoter of Groovy & Grails) and GR8Conf. The conference aimed at evangelising Grails ecosystem as a leading RAD framework in the Java ecosystem, known to build highly scalable and flexible web applications with incredibly short time-to-market.

Industry body Nasscom had recently reported that the Indian software products sector is poised to enter a hyper-growth phase, with a likely minimum of 2,000 start-ups a year by 2020, as against a little over 800 expected in 2014. Rapid Application Development (RAD) frameworks like Grails will power the anticipated hyper-growth as they enable businesses to launch minimum viable product version in the shortest time-to-market.

Eminent technologists reflected on the new and innovative patterns emerging in the Grails framework. Dr. Venkat Subramaniam, founder of Agile Developer and an instructional professor at University of Houston, USA shed light on wide range of topics including polyglot programming, functional programming and Closures. Emphasizing on the importance of TDD (Test Driven Development) coupled with code reviews, he recommended incorporating these software development practices as 30-minutes of daily exercise routine. Both look difficult in the beginning but make the rest of the day a breeze if followed religiously.

Other speakers included industry leaders like Manoj Thakur, Director Engineering at, ShriKant Vashishtha, Director Engineering at GlobalLogic, Kunal Dabir, Senior Consultant at ThoughtWorks, Naresha K, Chief Technologist at Channel Bridge Software Labs, Roni C. Thomas and Manoj Mohan, Senior Grails Consultants at TO THE NEW. Multiple interactive sessions and an open-house panel discussion revolving around Groovy, Grails, RAD frameworks and entire Java ecosystem kept the attendees hooked throughout the day.

The conference saw participation of over 175 attendees from wide array of companies including HCL, IBM, LinkedIn, GlobalLogic, Sapient and focused on strengthened the fast growing Grails community in the region.

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