TO THE NEW Ventures consolidates its group companies

Singapore-based Internet products and services company TO THE NEW Ventures today said it will consolidate its businesses firms -- Ignitee Digital, IntelliGrape Software, Tangerine Digital and Techsailor into a new entity - TO THE NEW.

The consolidation would provide TO THE NEW a competitive edge and a bigger playfield with more than 300 clients across 30 countries, the company said in a statement.

Moreover, the consolidation would triple its current manpower strength of 600 people to 2,000 by 2017, it added.

Commenting on the development, TO THE NEW CEO Deepak Mittal said: "Our clients will be benefited through our extended service offerings for the next-generation digital experience.

"We already have a large portfolio of clients which boasts of Fortune 500 companies as well as Silicon Valley start-ups, including Time Warner Cable, Sony, Procter & Gamble, Castrol, Airbus, Citi Bank, Samsonite and Mat.Se."

The move would uniquely combine the technology, analytics, creative and content for digital transformation, it added.

The company which has presence in six countries -- India, Singapore, China, Malaysia, Indonesia and Philippines -- is now planning to expand to Europe and the US.

"This will enable the company to help its client base of 100 plus companies in US and Europe craft their success stories. The company's physical office in Sweden is set to be operational by end of first half of the year, in order to further strengthen its foothold in the European market," the company said.

TO THE NEW is also a strategic partner of global firms such as Google, Adobe, Amazon Web Services (AWS), YouTube, DataStax and MongoDB.

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