TO THE NEW Introduces a Powerful end to end Application Stack Monitoring Solution - HAWK

TO THE NEW, a premium digital services technology company, decoded the most efficient monitoring solution of application stack - HAWK.

A one-of-its-kind solution - HAWK - enables enterprises to gain enhanced, real-time visibility across their application stack that in turn enables enterprises to monitor specific KPIs critical to their business application functioning. Built with leading, new-age technology, the powerful end to end application stack monitoring and log analysis solution collects and stores the important metrics from all the layers of application stack.

It provides enterprises with customised business and technical dashboards, which could be shared with the IT support & engineering teams for regular monitoring. This also reduces the number of hours spent on finding troublesome data points and also eliminates the need for regular maintenance efforts. The large enterprises of today operate numerous internal and external business applications, which manage the load of multiple transactions on a daily basis. In order to ensure seamless operations of all these applications, it is imperative to monitor all the components of the application stack closely and ensure their effective working from time to time.

TO THE NEW's HAWK is an advanced solution that solves this challenge by enabling a single holistic view of the entire application stack at one place, with the ability to highlight all key metrics that are critical to the know-how for specific business operations.

According to Mr. Narinder Kumar, VP Technology, TO THE NEW, "There are a plethora of disparate tools and processes available in the market today, which manage different elements of all IT infrastructures, and ensure consistent and efficient operations. The key to effective infrastructure monitoring is customization, and it is critical when you are working with large solutions because these applications generate humongous data. We have recently deployed HAWK for Tata Sky, which empowers CIOs and IT Infrastructure managers to gain better visibility across their application stack. It has helped Tata Sky to monitor their numerous applications infrastructure and logs."

HAWK ensures real-time health monitoring of all critical applications. For instance, if any unexpected switch /case takes place, a group of designated people are immediately alerted via its inbuilt notification engine that controls the situation before it goes out of hand. With the successful integration of HAWK, enterprises could be assured that all their applications are being efficiently monitored 24x7x365 to ensure superior customer experience.


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