TO THE NEW, a leading digital technology company recently announced the launch of MaaS or ‘Monetization-as-a-Service’ as part of its VideoReady solution. VideoReady, by TO THE NEW, is a rich, flexible, and extendable OTT solution enabling end-to-end OTT platforms covering all aspects of streaming, engagement, and monetization.

MaaS is a comprehensive solution framework that enables multi-dimensional business models, including innovative ways of monetization, and technologies behind them that can help OTT companies achieve higher monetization and a maximized ROI on their content and technology investments.

“In a fiercely competitive market, data becomes extremely important to be able to differentiate and lead innovative experiences. With MaaS’s multi-dimensional and comprehensive data approach and deep analytical insights, businesses can expand in a never seen way. Companies cannot just enable reimagined experiences, but can also drive business growth and profitability while delivering such experiences.”, said Narinder Kumar, COO & Co-founder, TO THE NEW.

MaaS in VideoReady operates with an advanced analytics engine that uses data from multiple touch points along the consumer journey and establishes correlation to provide actionable insights that drive monetization and profitability.

“It is imperative that OTT businesses look beyond the current revenue models, as the market continues to become more competitive and cost pressures continue to rise further. MaaS will empower OTT companies with a model that helps drive more revenues, without any fundamental change in the overall user experience. MaaS also enables better recommendations, across genres, and titles and makes content more discoverable based on the data insights.” said Mr. Manish Sinha, Business Head – OTT Solutions and Services, TO THE NEW.

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