TO THE NEW, a digital technology company, has recently launched 'Saarthi', a mentorship program for underprivileged students, under its CSR initiative 'Pahal'. Partnering with Association for India's Development (AID), Noida, the company's employees have volunteered to mentor and guide the students using their knowledge and experience. To date, 50+ students from the school have been paired with 25+ volunteers from TO THE NEW.

These sessions focus on empowering and supporting every child with a positive role model. Children are paired with a suitable mentor based on their personality traits and interests.

"TO THE NEW is committed to assisting students with essential education to help them build and advance in their preferred careers. With Saarthi, we will provide emotional, financial and professional support to these students through our mentorship program," said Satya Sharma, CHRO and Co-founder, TO THE NEW. "We're proud and humbled to embark on this journey with the children and hope to see them realize their true potential and do great things in the future," he added.

One of the students who participated in the program, Santoshi, said, "I enjoyed interacting with my mentor. She helped me learn new things and encouraged me to develop my singing skills." Another student mentioned how this program helped her decide which study path would better suit her ambitions of becoming a Data Scientist.

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