TO THE NEW in Zinnov Zones

TO THE NEW Featured in Zinnov Zones 2018 ER&D Ratings

TO THE NEW has been featured in ‘execution Zone’ of Consumer Software Segment of Zinnov Zones Global ER&D Ratings. This is for the second time in a row that we have achieved this recognition from a reputed Global management consulting & advisory firm.

The ranking was basis a rigorous assessment that involved a detailed analysis of various facets including service provider’s financials, growth rate, size, capabilities, offerings, IPs, innovation and linkages.

We have been recognized for depicting strong engineering capabilities in the flied of user experience design & engineering, platform development and quality assurance.

Various other factors that have contributed to this recognition are given below:

  • Prowess in engineering services
  • Year-on-year advancement in the Consumer Software segment
  • Growth in terms of scale, size, services, no of verticals, industry experience and client split
  • Innovative reusable frameworks and intellectual properties such as MyCloud & Hawk
  • Our strong partnership linkages with technology giants such as AWS (Premier partnership with AWS)
  • Our investments in digital technologies in the areas of Cloud, IoT, Big Data, AI, ML and Automation.

The Zinnov Execution Zone is defined by companies that demonstrate the following characteristics:

  • Capable of delivering complete product development as a true engineering partner
  • Reusable IP’s built, and benefits quantified
  • Alliances with Customers who are Industry Leaders
  • Established CoEs, Digital Labs and Research Initiatives

To view the complete report, click here.