Neha Gupta

She is very ambitious person and believes in striving hard to achieve something great in life. She also believes that “I Can” is more powerful then “I.Q” which she finds an impetuous for her future goals as well. For her “hard work conquers all”. She has an optimistic outlook towards life; She learns from adversities and acclimate to them. She is proud of her abilities to motivate herself and persevere in hostile situations. There have been instances where despite her best efforts she wasn’t able to achieve the desired result. It was only her abilities to motivate herself that pulled her through those tough situations.

Grails, Technology

GR8ConfIN 2016, excitement soaring high

With just less than 24 hours left for the India's biggest Grails Conference GR8ConfIN 2016, the excitement no doubt is soaring high. GR8ConfIN is dedicated to the technologies in the Groovy ecosystem. We have already got overwhemling response from the audience this year. The gathering is expected to be mostly of developers from groovy and...



Call for Attendees for GR8ConfIN 2016

Here we are again, but this time as GR8ConfIN 2016. As you would know GrailsConf is now GR8ConfIN and we’re glad to announce the Call for Attendees for GR8ConfIN 2016. Early Birds will get heavy discounts on their tickets. Register Now to avail early birds discounts. This time we have Burt Beckwith and Jacob Aae Mikkelsen as our...



Adjust time scale representation on axis – D3js

In d3.js we use Time Scale on an axis, generally x-axis, to represent time in charts. To simplify manipulation of iteration over time intervals, D3 provides a handful of utilities in addition to time scale and time format. d3.time.scale() creates a time scale with some domain and range values, the time scale also provides suitable ticks...



Unit test a method returning an object of protected class

Following is an example of testing a method which returns an object of protect class: In the previous blog we talked about fetching the list of message codes from file. While writing the test case for CustomisedPluginAwareResourceBundleMessageSource, I was not able to test the message properties that are available...



Grails Unit Test Filters with the injected Service

Recently I was writing unit tests for a filter in my project, which makes use of a service. Normally mocking using 'metaclass' and 'demand' doesn't work for services in filter, because filters don't let mock the service methods like we do in other classes or controller. Suppose we have a filter like: [java] class SomeFilters { ...



Unit testing parameters in forward method

I always wanted to test the parameters being passed in the forward method in a controller in my unit tests. Suppose we have any controller like: [java] class DemoController { def anyAction() { forward(controller: "demo", action: "test", params: [param1: "1"]) } } [/java] to test this forward action, we first need to mock...