• aman-aggarwal
    Aman Aggarwal

    Aman leads the DevOps Practice and is one of the oldest team member in technology service line of TO THE NEW. He has great business acumen & architecture skills. He is a AWS certified solutions architect with responsibilities in sales, delivery, mentoring and hiring. He envisions to build the biggest cloud consulting team in India and is moving fast in that direction.

  • amit-naudiyal
    Amit Naudiyal

    Amit is a Linux expert and a subject matter expert. He has vast experience working as a DevOps consultant cum engineer in administration, architecture setup, server handling, security and virtualization. He is passionate about cloud automation and technologies and has smartly automated his usual tasks and processes. Apart from being a DevOps developer, He loves playing Counter-Strike.

  • mohit-dayal-gupta
    Mohit Dayal Gupta

    Mohit,a DevOps systems engineer, a techno-freak who loves playing around with everything in DevOps and a lead in shell scripting. Apart from being a Cloud DevOps engineer, he is a Vmware Certified Associate along and DevOps Technical Accreditated Professional. A blogger maniac who loves playing sports.

  • navjot-singh
    Navjot Singh

    Navjot is a Red Hat Certified DevOps Engineer and one of the leading DevOps consultants. He is also a leading aws certified solutions architect and a shell-scripting expert with hands-on-experience on multi-server environment & deployments. Being a leading AWS DevOps engineer He has strong understanding on AWS and has great ability in gathering requirements and implementing appropriate solutions for customers. He loves playing table tennis.

  • nitin-bhadauria
    Nitin Bhadauria

    Nitin is a complete technology geek who loves to take up new challenges. He is a cloud devops engineer, Red Hat Certified System Administrator, and an experienced DevOps consultant. He is a keen learner and likes exploring new technologies. Apart from being one of the leading DevOps consultants in the team, he is highly motivated and committed team player and likes recycling things from scrap to make them worthy.

  • prakashul-singh
    Prakashul Singh

    Prakashul is a DevOps consultant with AWS Business and Technical Accreditation who loves to automate tasks on large infrastructures. He has hands on experience on various trending DevOps tools and has an adept hand at databases especially MongoDB. Apart from being one of the leading DevOps consultants in the team, he is an absolute foodie and loves to listen music during leisure.

  • prashant-sharma
    Prashant Sharma

    Prashant is a Linux and DevOps fanatic, AWS Certified DevOps Engineer, Associate & Red Hat Certified System Administrator and a senior DevOps developer. He is one of the leading DevOps consultants and has in-depth expertise in in DevOps consulting, managing end-to-end deployments including IPTV set-top box, LAMP based middleware servers & live streaming. He is known as a Gourmand by his team-mates.

  • rajdeep-singh
    Rajdeep Singh

    Rajdeep is AWS certified solutions architect & AWS certified DevOps engineer with his experience in configuration, monitoring, and troubleshooting of operating systems. He keeps himself ready to tie up with new open source technologies and insight to elevate running application infrastructure to the cloud. He loves to capture moments.

  • ranvijay-jamwal
    Ranvijay Jamwal

    Ranvijay is a lead DevOps Engineer, Accredited Technical Certified Professional who has great ability to develop & implement technical solutions for any size of business. He loves Linux shell scripting and is also a Microsoft Certified Technology Associate. He is a hardcore cricket fan who has played state level matches.

  • tejprakash-sharma
    Tejprakash Sharma

    Tejprakash is a AWS Certified Solutions Architect & Senior DevOps Engineer focussing on designing highly available & scalable cloud solutions. He has vast experience in infrastructure design & legacy system migrations and has received accolades for his hard work. He is a travel enthusiast & loves exploring new places.

  • tarun-saxena
    Tarun Saxena

    Tarun is a DevOps consultant and AWS accredited Business and Technical certified professional who love to get his hands dirty in automating the tasks using DevOps automation tools with a deep knowledge of Linux shell scripting. He is a die-hard fan of music and love to play guitar & piano in his spare time.