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Node.js development is becoming ubiquitous. It is a preferred technology for any product that is built with an emphasis on concurrency, speed and intensive data exchange such as video and text chat engines, real-time tracking apps, online games and collaboration tools.

Developing apps using Node.js improves user experience as it maintains a persistent connection from the browser back to the server without the need to refresh & pages. We are the early adopters of Node.js development services and have been using it to build infinitely scalable and real-time applications.

Our Offerings
We offer end to end Node.js development, consulting, migration, and team augmentation support.
  • Node.js Consulting

    Our Node.js consulting and audit services aim to analyze the architecture to start with. It is the blueprint for the project. Followed by an architecture analysis, our Node.js consulting perform code reviews and assess development processes.

  • Node.js Development

    Our Node.js development capabilities help to build great products with faster time to market. Moreover, we also help in scaling the application features while providing Node.js development services. Whether it is plugins, portals, interactive apps, marketplaces, APIs or custom dashboards, our Node.js development services comprise all of it.

  • Node.js Migration

    Our Node.js migration and re-engineering services address customer requirements to leverage Node.js and related ecosystem as well as help seamlessly migrate applications built on Java, PHP, .Net or any other framework to Node.js.

  • Node.js Team Augmentation

    We become an extended arm for by augmenting a team of Node.js experts following distributed development model. You can easily scale the teams up/down as per your evolving needs.

Build infinitely scalable applications using Node.js!

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Overview of fullstack MEAN technologies

While we have mastered Node.js development, we also understand other MEAN stack technologies such as MongoDB, Express.js, and AngularJS. We have developed many high-performing products including e-commerce websites, social networking sites and gaming portals using design patterns like MVC. There has been a significant rise in various opinionated and unopinionated full-stack frameworks. Our MEAN experts have the complete know-how of all popular back-end frameworks required to build custom product features. Moreover, we have a dedicated research and innovation lab that invests a lot of effort in exploring new frameworks that can add value to our clients’ projects. 

- Some of the popular backend frameworks we have been working on -

  • Adonis-MVC-framework-for-Node.js
  • Hapi-Server-Framework-for-Node-js-development-services
  • Koa-expressive-middleware-for-Node-js-development-services
  • Meteor-building-web-and-mobile-apps-in-JavaScript
  • Nodal-micro-web-servers-on-Node-js-development-services
  • Strapi-Node.js-framework-based-on-Koa.js-and-Waterline
  • trails-web-application-framework-for-Node-js-development-services

After 3 years of relationship and execution of some very large projects, TO THE NEW is no more a vendor or a partner. It has become our own development team (just sitting somewhere else). Agile methods combined with a crack development team make working with TO THE NEW a very smooth experience.

I started working with TO THE NEW two years ago. The entire team is very supportive to our development process and aligns well with our in-house team. I highly recommend TO THE NEW for anybody who is looking for good software development. Our product served well over 250 million ad impressions, thanks to the team TO THE NEW.

We have been working together for 10 months now. We have been live for a few months, have paying customers and a fantastic and well-designed product that performs well and is secure and easy to use. So, I highly recommend TO THE NEW if you are looking for a very capable technology partner.

TO THE NEW has a team which is highly focused on technical acumen internally and this is really impressive. TO THE NEW is also offering flexibility in the partnership and adding greater value than just technical excellence. It has been a great journey and we really appreciate all the efforts.

    Mikael Andersson
    Mikael Andersson E-commerce Head, Mat.se
    Jay Singh
    Jay Singh Co-founder, ViralGains
    Ravi Kalidindi
    Ravi Kalidindi Co-founder, SimpleInteract
    Joon Kim
    Joon Kim Director of Cloud Platform Development, Westcon

Do you also have these queries?

  • What kind of applications are most suitable to be built using Node.js?

    Node.js is a preferred platform for building servers required to handle thousands of connections, applications demanding intensive data exchange (video and text chat, real-time tracking applications), single page and responsive mobile apps where complete page refreshes would lead to a bad user experience and building fast prototypes. If you wish to know whether Node.js is the right platform for your application or not, get in touch with us. We would love to analyze your business requirements and help you with our Node.js development services.

  • How proficient is your Node team?

    We have a huge team specialized in complete full-stack MEAN technologies including Node.js. Our team of Node.js specialists has developed and migrated many applications so far and hence they are well-aware about every nook and cranny of the Node.js universe including the most popular backend frameworks. Taking advantage of the speed, high-performance, and lightweight that Node.js offers, our Node.js development services help to build client-side and server-side web applications with strong social and video integrations for our clients.

  • My current application is not scalable enough, will it help to migrate to Node.js?

    Yes, in most likelihood. A Node.js platform is based on an asynchronous and event-driven architecture. This along with fast compilation to machine code results in much faster and scalable back-end architecture. Whether your current application can leverage these benefits and how much effort would be required will depend on audit results of your current application. Our Node.js migration team will be happy to discuss and suggest you a road-map most suitable for your context with or without Node.js.

  • What are your pricing and engagement models?

    We have expertise working in both distributed as well as fully outsourced development model, using Agile practices and approaches in an iterative and incremental manner. We prefer to work on time & materials but also work on fixed price models if the requirements and scoping are clearly laid out. In most of the cases, we deploy a dedicated team that works only on a single project at a time.

  • Which development processes do you follow for a Node.js development project?

    Our Node.js development services and all other projects use Agile methodologies. We have years of experience using Kanban, Scrum and XP practices. We follow an iterative and incremental software development backed by state-of-the-art engineering practices to deliver working software exceeding user expectations within the shortest time frame possible and providing best returns on investment.

  • Do I have a choice of front-end technologies and back-end databases?

    Yes, completely. We have used multiple mix-and-match technologies depending upon the requirements and context of the application state. As an example, we can choose AngularJS or ReactJS for front-end. We can use ExpressJS or HapiJS for middle-layer and we can choose between multitudes of options for Databases. Our Node.js consulting team can assist you in exploring the feasible options available for your frontend and backend, based on your requirements.


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