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We bring together the power of experience design, creativity, and cutting-edge engineering to digitally transform products and businesses.

Our Offerings
  • Digital Strategy

    We identify digital opportunities and execute campaigns geared towards increasing competitive advantage for brands and products. We also maximize the business benefits of data assets using technology-focused initiatives.

  • Creative Strategy

    We uncover pertinent business and brand needs, then address and leverage consumer and industry insights to come up with custom solutions that deliver results.

  • Influencer Marketing

    We identify and target key individuals to leverage their influence in order to drive your brand’s message to a larger market.

  • Social Media Marketing

    We help brands and products gain traffic and attention using social media sites, with the help of content that attracts attention and encourages sharing across social networks.

  • Media Buying & Planning

    We strategize, negotiate and purchase inventory on the basis of the target audience, campaign goals and the product or brand being advertised. 

  • Content Marketing

    We create, curate and distribute compelling and relevant content to attract and retain a clearly-defined target audience.

  • Search Marketing

    We use Search Engine Optimization to earn traffic through unpaid or free listings, and Search Engine Marketing to buy traffic through paid search listings.

  • Digital Campaigns and Activations

    We research and deploy learnings facilitated by technology and create campaigns that make effective use of technology.

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Do you also have these queries?

  • What about an end to end digital transformation along with marketing from scratch?

    TO THE NEW is a digital technology company that builds disruptive products and transforms businesses. We leverage the power of experience design, cutting-edge engineering, cloud, and analytics led marketing to enable end to end digital transformation. For legacy organizations wanting to explore the power of digital channels, we can help define digital strategy from scratch as well. We can do entire planning, media buying, search optimization and can tailor the right package to meet your business requirements.

  • Do you offer analytics-led digital marketing services?

    Most digital marketing companies find it challenging to provide analytics-led services. Our digital marketing services are clearly measurable. Whether it is increasing the share of voice, tracking social media visits, clicks and impressions or measuring the brand reach and frequency, our digital marketing services follow analytics-led approach. We are a digital marketing company that doesn't just stop at tracking the campaigns, but also help customers in optimizing the campaigns to achieve desired results and surpass the expectations.

  • Do you provide search engine optimized content for your B2B content marketing services?

    Yes, our digital marketing services ensure that B2B content is optimized for better search results. We ensure that the content has right set of keywords with right frequency and density. In case there is a need for exhaustive search engine marketing, our SEM capabilities can be further leveraged. Our search engine marketing offerings include paid search, lead generation, performance marketing and SEO.

  • What are the key USPs of your digital marketing services?

    Well, we cover the entire gamut of digital marketing. Right from search engine marketing, content marketing and digital strategy to social media marketing and brand activation campaigns, we have done it all. Our certified team helps to increase visibility and generate high qualified leads for businesses across industries. We are a digital marketing company that guarantees improved performance of your campaigns -  click-throughs, impressions, and engagement. We have won multiple awards for various campaigns and worked with best affiliate partners for media buying and planning. Moreover, we have the capabilities to develop various forms of content assets to enhance engagement. We can also develop technically advanced products using digital advances such as Cloud, Analytics, Big Data and more. This makes us one-stop digital marketing service provider and digital transformation company.


TO THE NEW's services have been different from other digital marketing and analytics firms, the key differentiator being flexibility and openness. We used TO THE NEW's capabilities for capturing raw data and converting it into actionable insights. The team is knowledgeable, action-oriented and open to support us on new projects.

We chose TTN after conducting a pilot test with two different vendors. Due to TO THE NEW's willingness to provide additional analysis without asking for a surcharge, we decided to use their product on a contract basis. The final outcome is a simple, digestible weekly and monthly analysis that takes up little management time to absorb and understand.

TO THE NEW has not only met but also exceeded our expectations. They have provided the tool and customized reports upon request and their after sales service has been very good. Along with competitive pricing they offer a very compelling package to clients. We would continue to maintain a partnership with them in the future.

    Deepak Jethwani
    Deepak JethwaniBusiness Planning, Asia Pacific, Mindshare
    Lynette Low
    Lynette LowSenior Manager, Customer Delight Management, Canon
    Christopher Chen
    Christopher ChenDirector of Digital SE Asia, Weber Shandwick