More and more companies want to ramp up their development and scale up at the speed of light. They want to launch applications faster to market, cut down their release cycles, ensure a consistent high performance, and make the overall experience remarkable. Doing this in house is time consuming and takes the focus away from the main business.

Say goodbye to Offshore development problems!

We understand various problems that most companies face with their offshore development center in India such as


Difference in time zone


Communication challenges


Poor project management


Longer turnaround


Delayed delivery

Poor coordination

Poor coordination


Requirement briefing gaps

Services of our offshore development center

Fortune 500 and Silicon Valley Startups count on us to setup their dedicated offshore development center in India.


Experience Design

Create delightful experiences that impact customer satisfaction, brand perception and conversion rates.

Custom Development

Custom Development

Built 200+ business critical and consumer facing products with a design led engineering approach & counting...

Web Content Management

Web Content Management

Personalized, contextual, and consistent digital experience across channels



Intuitive and experiential mobile solutions to drive engagement and provide compelling user experience



Automate end to end delivery pipeline across leading cloud platforms



Automation and manual testing for error-free delivery of applications


Big Data

Meaningful and actionable insights from data and analytics

Cloud Managed Services

Cloud Managed Services

24/7 complete infrastructure managed services

Looking for offshore development center in India?

Talk to our DevOps Experts!

We work on various technologies and have in-depth expertise on leading DevOps tools, JS frameworks and other cutting edge technologies.

Experience Design

Design Discovery I Persona Mapping I Prototyping I Usability Testing I UI Design

Frontend, Backend and Databases

Angular I Express I Bootstrap I HTML I CSS I Polymer I React I Node.js I Express.js I Grails I Spring I Hibernate I MongoDB I MySql

Mobile and Smart TV
Mobile and Smart TV

iOS I Android I Roku TV I Apple TV I Android TV

Content Management

Content Management

Big Data

Hadoop I Cassandra I Spark

Cloud Consulting and Devops
Cloud Consulting and DevOps

AWS I Microsoft Azure I Docker I Chef I Jenkins I Puppet

Test Automation
Test Automation

Selenium I Appium I SeeTest I Cucumber

Cloud Managed Services
Cloud Managed Services

24*7 managed services and support

Approach of our Offshore Development Center

We follow engineering best practices and Agile principles to ensure quick turnaround and bug-free delivery of products.


Some of the Agile practices that our dedicated offshore development center in India follow include:

  • Daily Standups among project teams
  • Two way communication with clients using latest audio/video conferencing systems
  • Overlap of at least 2 hours with client’s timezone
  • Joint retrospective with the stakeholders
  • Regular co-location
  • Effective team management following distributed Agile principles
  • Sprint Planning
  • Scrum of Scrums
  • Mid-Sprint and End-Sprint Demos
  • Regular progress tracking through project management tools

Some of the Engineering practices that our dedicated offshore development center follow includes:

  • Iterative development
  • Pipeline automation leveraging leading DevOps tools
  • Continuous code refactoring
  • Test automation
  • Lean code and design
  • Microservices led architecture
  • Continuous integration and deployment

Best of industry knowledge for you!


Do you also have these queries?

  • After setting up an offshore development center, how is the development phased out?

    We ensure that we provide best in class support to companies requiring to set up an offshore development center in India. Our process is transparent and comprised of many time-boxed sprints.

    • Planning and Requirement Gathering
    • Design led iterative development
    • CI/CD Performance Optimization
    • Testing
    • Improvization basis market and stakeholder feedback
  • Do you provide flexibility to choose the engagement model basis the requirements?

    Yes, certainly. Our offshore development center provides flexibility to choose engagement model basis your requirements. In fact, the dedicated model allows you to hire your own resources, onboard them and scale up or down basis the requirements.

  • How do you ensure that the project is executed seamlessly?

    The dedicated offshore development center in India that we set up with you follows all the project management, Agile and engineering best practices such as daily standups, access to track bugs, continuous integration, routine sprint demos, continuous testing, join retrospectives and much more. This will ensure that the communication is seamless and the project is delivered on time or before.

  • Does the offshore development center in India work in client’s timezone?

    We help to setup a dedicated offshore development center for clients in India and while we do this we understand the problem of delayed delivery and communication gaps accounting from time differences. We ensure that your teams overlap their timezones with your working hours and communicate to you in your timezone. This also helps to achieve projects in time.


After 3 years of relationship and execution of some very large projects, TO THE NEW is no more a vendor or a partner. It has become our own development team (just sitting somewhere else). Agile methods combined with a crack development team make working with TO THE NEW a very smooth experience.

We have been working together for 10 months now. We have been live for a few months, have paying customers and a fantastic and well-designed product that performs well and is secure and easy to use. So, I highly recommend TO THE NEW if you are looking for a very capable technology partner.

TO THE NEW has a team which is highly focused on technical acumen internally and this is really impressive. TO THE NEW is also offering flexibility in the partnership and adding greater value than just technical excellence. It has been a great journey and we really appreciate all the efforts.

    Mikael Andersson
    Mikael Andersson E-commerce Head,
    Ravi Kalidindi
    Ravi KalidindiCo-founder, SimpleInteract
    Joon Kim
    Joon KimDirector of Cloud Platform Development, Westcon