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People have always been treating monitoring as a segmented part instead of interpreting it as a whole. These segments are centralized logging, infrastructure monitoring, application monitoring, alerting on the based of thresholds. As every business is unique, so are there requirements for infrastructure monitoring and logging.

HAWK is a perfect end to end solution for monitoring and log analysis which gives them an overall view of infrastructure with all its components onto a centralized place. It allows for various customizations from both technical and business perspectives with a possibility to drill-down to nth level.

HAWK is unified platform responsible for -
  • Application monitoring from a single console
  • Real time customized business & technical dashboards
  • Health & Performance monitoring of all infrastructure
  • components
  • In-built alerting functionality
  • Long term archival of monitoring data
  • OS-Support from legacy systems to modern systems
  • Built on the top of many popular open source tools
HAWK Features
Full Application Stack Monitoring From A Single Console

HAWK allows you to filter, search, and view logs of your cloud and open source application services from a single console It also lets you to define custom dashboards based on log contents and export logs to BigQuery, Google Cloud Storage, or Pub/Sub

Data Gathering From Infrastructures

HAWK can pull metrics from across Google Cloud Platform, Amazon Web Services, on-premises infrastructure, or hybrid clouds. It allows you set alerting on metrics to detect unusual behaviours an take actions.

Rich Visualization & Custom Dashboards

With HAWK - It’s just the way you want to visualize data. HAWK smart defaults provide visibility into your cloud in less than 2 minutes. HAWK can help you identify complex issues like host contention, cloud provider throttling or degraded hardware enabling you to fix issues instantly. Real-time dashboards on error rates help you with root cause analysis.

Intelligent Alerting

Alerting is done via kapacitor using dynamic templates & tasks for metric thresholds. Alert support for Alerta, email, exec, HipChat, Kafka, log, MQTT, OpsGenie v1, OpsGenie v2, PagerDuty v1, PagerDuty v2, post, Pushover, Sensu, Slack, SNMPTrap, Talk, tcp, Telegram, VictorOps.

Application Monitiring Dashboard
Application Monitiring Dashboard
HAWK empowers you to gain better visibility across your Infrastructure
  • Monitor


    Containers, Applications, Services, Infrastructure

    Monitor full
    application stack from a single console

  • Gather Data

    Gather Data

    Custom application server, metrics Infrastructure, Applications and databases logs

    Consolidate all the data at a

    centralized data store

  • Visualize


    Custom Dashboards Throughput, Latency graphs & metrics

    Plot any kind of visualizations, trends and graphs as per your needs

  • Act


    Set intelligent, alerting basis, breaching thresholds,
    exception logs

    Take corrective actions based on visualizations