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Internet has brought a revolutionary change in the way consumers consume media and entertainment content. They expect the content to be delivered as per their desired preference and want to transact and engage on the screen of choice at a given time.

The desire to satisfy the demands of the voracious and outspoken consumers, has forced M&E providers to adopt technology to gauge consumer behavior, provide intuitive and experiential UX and multiscreen solutions. TO THE NEW is knee deep in media technology offering a wide array of services ranging from video ingestion, processing, platform development, publishing to monetization.

Our Offerings
  • OTT Application Development
    OTT Application

    Custom OTT application development for Media & Entertainment companies to help them provide rich, intuitive and omni-channel experience to viewers across devices including web, mobile, smart TV, media streaming devices or online gaming applications.

  • Video OTT Fulfillment
    Video OTT

    We offer a wide cluster of media services to get your content curated, processed, and delivered anywhere in the world. We process more than 100 hours of video and 150 DAB shows on a daily basis.

M&E Segments We Serve
  • Broadcasting

    Providing multiscreen OTT & TV Everywhere solutions along with a wide cluster of video managed services to help broadcasters deliver rich and intuitive video experiences across devices.

    • TataSky
    • TimeWarner
    • ZeeTv
  • Entertainment

    We help content owners and distributors curate, repurpose and process videos to publish them on various platforms around the world as per geographic and platform relevant specifications.

    • Viacom
    • ZeeTv
    • ESPN
    • Sony
  • OTT Player
    OTT Players

    Combining our video platform development and OTT fulfilment capabilities we ensure end-to-end video operations for the OTT platforms ensuring rich, intuitive experience to viewers

    • Amazon
    • Voot
    • ALT
  • Gaming

    We build, host and manage online gaming and betting applications using world class technologies.

    • Tabcrop
  • Advertising
    Advertising Tech Products

    Developed responsive SaaS based video advertising platforms with effective targeting options, smart insights dashboard and real time sentiment analysis.

    • Viregains
    • Allant
  • VideoTech
    Video Tech products

    We have built powerful video on demand platforms to help video streaming providers deliver exceptional experiences.

    • Intel
    • strech