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The MF Industry AUM has grown from ₹7.01 trillion as on 31st March, 2013 to ₹23.26 trillion as on 30th April 2018, more than threefold increase in a span of 5 years. Digital leaders hold a 140% advantage over digital laggards. However, industry still is under leveraged with dated digital assets, redundant assets and inefficient technology stacks.

Key challenges being faced by Asset Management Companies
  • dated-user-experience
    Dated user experience of consumer & distributor facing assets
  • stale-data-iocn
    Stale data being accessed by users on investor and distributors
  • heavy-reliance-icon
    Heavy reliance on backend RTAs for data
  • no-capability-for-data-model-icon
    No capability for data modeling limiting the use of analytics
  • scalability-issues-icon
    Scalability issues when onboarding and transacting via the digital assets
  • Cumbersome manual steps and non-frequent innovations
    Cumbersome manual steps and non-frequent innovations
Introducing - MF Ready
TO THE NEW invested into building a ready to deploy framework for Mutual Fund houses and Asset Management Companies. With reusable assets built using industry best practices both from technology and Ux perspective, we have been able to upgrade the AMCs to leverage the digital opportunity our growing economy has to offer.
  • Platform built on-cloud with AMC specific Ux

    Platform built on-cloud with AMC specific Ux for key process flows

  • Revamped web & mobile properties

    Revamped web & mobile properties using cutting edge open source stack

  • On Cloud Postgres SQL Icon

    Re-engineered backend with on-cloud Postgres SQL for real time data

  • RTA & On Cloud Postgres Icon

    Near real time replication using shareplex between RTA & on-cloud postgres

  • Scheduling & Retaining Transactions

    Scheduling & retaining transactions through automation

  • Extensive Data Analytics Icon

    Extensive data analytics / data modelling

Components of MF Ready
Key Solution Tenets
Systems Work On Data (Near Real Time) rather than RTA APIs
Minimal dependence on RTAs
Extensive Data Analytics / Data Modelling
Experience Working on Mutual Fund Data (Including Valuations)
Direct Connect With Multiple RTAs
Scheduling & Retaining Transactions - Complete Automation
99.9 % System Uptime & Zero Maintenance Window During Upgrades
Solution Accelerators
  • MF Data Explorer

    MF Data Explorer

    A fully automated data validation framework built for managing and updating MF data for real time access

  • Transaction Framework

    Transaction Framework

    Fully integrated transaction framework with CAMS

  • 3rd Party Bridge

    3rd Party Bridge

    Pre-integration with 3rd party services including payment gateways, etc.

  • Extended Interface

    Extended Interface

    Framework for integrating the usual stuff like authentication, authorization, social login, etc.

  • CleverBot


    A humanoid chatbot built over machine learning using Amazon Lex

  • MyCloud


    TTN propitiatory tool that provides actionable insights around overall performance

  • Release Framework

    Release Framework

    Framework that pre-integrates tools and solutions that enable quicken delivery with consistence

  • HAWK


    A solution to provide a bird’s eye view of the entire application and infrastructure suite