• Smart TV apps for Samsung Native, Tizen, Opera TV & others
  • Expertise in UI/ UX for Connected Devices
  • 60+
    Smart Developers, Testers and Designers
  • Team for Apple TV, Android TV, Roku TV & others

With the rise of Smart TVs, comes the rise of SMART product development that helps brands to connect with millions of viewers and offer them a vivid 10-foot experience. Content owners, broadcasters, and technology companies all alike are investing a lot of effort in developing applications for Smart TV and other new media platforms.

Our Smart TV app development capabilities help e-commerce, M&E, e-learning, OTT platforms and many other brands foray into the TV space with Smart TV, live Streaming, e-commerce and VOD applications.

Our expertise includes:
  • Smart TV application development for Android, Apple, Amazon Fire and many others
  • Roku TV app development
  • Complete Samsung smart tv apps development including native development for Samsung Native and Samsung Tizen app development
  • Live streaming applications development
  • VOD applications that work seamlessly across multiple platforms 
  • Screen mirroring
  • Video chat screencasts on TVs from mobile apps and devices like Chromecast and Airplay
  • Electronic Program Guide capabilities
  • Video conferencing solutions including calling and chatting
  • Third party tools and SaaS apps for providing an enthralling video experience
Our Offerings
  • Smart TV Application Design

    We analyze your requirements and prototype the Smart TV application design for a specific platform. We ensure that our designs are modeled with extreme design thinking keeping users, platforms, resolutions and viewing environment at the center. We collaborate with the design stakeholders, interview users similar to the target group and come up with visually pleasing storyboards.

  • Smart TV Application Development

    We have the immense know-how of intuitive Smart TV app development for various platforms, resolutions and viewing environment such as Android, Apple, Roku, Amazon Fire, Samsung Native, Tizen, and Smart TV Alliance. We also help to develop live streaming and video-on-demand (VOD) applications that work seamlessly across multiple platforms and devices like Chromecast and AirPlay.

  • Smart TV Application Testing

    Our end-to-end testing of Smart TV applications uses a comprehensive suite of test frameworks, tools and techniques to fine tune the viewer experience and optimize the performance of applications. Our testing lab has multiple Connected TV devices ensuring effective and accurate testing of applications for various platforms with different screen sizes, resolutions and viewing environment.

  • Smart TV Application Maintenance

    Maintenance of Smart TV applications requires a lot of monitoring to ensure maximum availability and minimum downtime. Our experts continuously monitor Smart TV applications in real time so as to ensure they are up and running continuously. Maximizing the availability of application will lead to better user experience and in turn better ROI.

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After 3 years of relationship and execution of some very large projects, TO THE NEW is no more a vendor or a partner. It has become our own development team (just sitting somewhere else). Agile methods combined with a crack development team make working with TO THE NEW a very smooth experience.

I would like to thank and recommend TO THE NEW for all of their awesome work on our websites and website tools for animal shelters. Using TO THE NEW's expertise, we had more stable, efficient and reliable systems and they helped our dev team to be more focused on day to day sprint tasks, which of course improved our velocity.

TO THE NEW has a team which is highly focused on technical acumen internally and this is really impressive. TO THE NEW is also offering flexibility in the partnership and adding greater value than just technical excellence. It has been a great journey and we really appreciate all the efforts.

    Mikael Andersson
    Mikael Andersson E-commerce Head, Mat.se
    David Evans
    David Evans Technical Director, Adopt-a-Pet
    Joon Kim
    Joon Kim Director of Cloud Platform Development, Westcon

Do you also have these queries?

  • What is the value add that you provide? 

    There is a lot of precision, creativity, and experience required when you develop an app for Smart TV. We have years of Smart TV apps development experience. We leverage this experience and offer Roku TV app development services, Tizen app development services, Android TV app development services and services for many other TVs with enhanced features. We just don't develop Smart TV apps, but also live streaming applications that are built strategically after evaluating personas and user journeys. We have also built futuristic applications for Beacons, Wearable devices, and Google TV to name a few. Our center of excellence has built unique omnichannel mobility experiences for multiple brands including big Fortune 500 companies and startups alike. Our lab remains updated with latest technologies and tools ensuring high performance, top-notch quality, and rapid development.

  • Does your Smart TV application development expertise cover Smart TV Alliance?

    Yes, our Smart TV application development capabilities also include developing applications for Smart TV alliance. We have a dedicated team of 30+ developers focused on developing Smart TV applications and exploring new frameworks in this domain. Our capability in Smart TV domain cuts across platforms like Samsung Smart TV, Samsung Tizen TV, Sony Smart TV, Sony Android TV, Kindle Fire TV, Smart TV with WebOS and Smart TV Alliance variants. Apart from these platforms, we are also experts in Roku development.

  • Do you have design capabilities to build a 10 feet experience?

    Whether it is Tizen application development, Roku TV app development or any other Smart TV, our experience design team knows how to ensure powerful customer experience. Our experience design team has the world's best UX craftsmen. Our team has an in-depth knowledge of what it takes to create an exceptional 10 feet experience and execute designs that offer a vivid viewing experience. We ensure all our app development projects whether Roku development, Tizen, Smart TV alliance or live streaming app undergo UI quality check for improved performance and enhanced engagement.

  • Do you have experience in building applications for streaming devices?

    We are well versed in developing applications for streaming devices like Chromecast, Roku TV, Apple TV and Android Set Top Box. We can work as your extended team and provide the needed assistance in different aspects such as designing, developing and publishing applications for streaming devices. 

  • I have an OTT platform and want to enter Smart TV domain. Which platform should I start with?

    We can help you come up with a roadmap for your Connected TV presence. This will depend on a lot of factors such as business objectives, geographies, target audience, and budgets etc. Based on this roadmap, we will provide you consultation on the best platform addressing your business needs. 

  • If I already have an Android TV application, can that be adapted to Kindle Fire TV or other such Smart TVs?

    We have expertise in developing applications for Kindle Fire TV. So if you already have an application for Android TV we would evaluate and further adapt it for Kindle Fire TV accordingly. In fact, we have the expertise to adapt any existing TV app to a Smart TV platform of your choice. 


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