Create Image of System in USB, Using Clonezilla

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Clonezilla is a software that can be used to make image of system that can later be used to install this image on new system, to make it a clone of former system.

Here are the steps to create image of a system by clonezilla

  1. Create a Bootable USB drive Using Clonezilla. Follow the link to know more
  2. Boot the system you want you clone using Bootable USB (i.e Perfect System)
  3. On Booting by USB you’ll see Clonezilla home screen, select Clonezilla live.
  4. Next it will ask you for language (Choose the one you prefer)
  5. Then it will ask you for policy to handle keymaps, Select “Dont Touch my keymap”
  6. Next it will ask you whether you want to “start clonezilla” or “launch shell”, select “start clonezilla”
  7. Next it will ask you for mode, select device-image
  8. Next it will ask you where you want to mount image, select skip (as we want image on USB drive)
  9. Next it will ask you for which harddisk you want to make image, Select harddisk and press enter
  10. Next it will prompt you for beginner or advanced mode, select beginner
  11. Then it will ask which operation you want to perform, select savedisk, this will save local disk as image on USB drive
  12. Then it will prompt you fir name by which you want to save it.
  13. Then All you need to do is press enter few times ( only when prompted )
  14. Next it will show you screens actually working, and when it completes. You are ready with image of your system
  15. Go and create clone of your system, using the image in USB drive.

Below are the links to images depictung full process.But images are taken from a camera, so please bear with their quality.
Image 1, Image 2, Image 3, Image 4, Image 5, Image 6, Image 7, Image 8, Image 9, Image 10

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