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Pahal, TO THE NEW’s CSR initiative, aims to support causes that impact life meaningfully. As part of the CSR program, we plan different ways to give back to the society that leave a positive impact. With monthly campaigns, our partnerships with NGOs and regular collection of funds, we keep the CSR wheel well oiled and continue to contribute to the society. Along the way, we have come across and built beautiful relationships with people who truly needed a helping hand.

Here’s a Sneak Peek Into Our CSR Efforts!
Pahal Funds

As a regular practice, we leave the platform open for our Newers to contribute monetarily.The funds collected at the end of each cycle is eventually matched by TO THE NEW, before donating to a charity or an NGO.

The monetary funds also work as a fuel that keep the CSR wheel running for TO THE NEW and ensures regular contribution to the society.


As a long term commitment, we have established a partnership with Prayas Vidyalaya to extend maximum aid in terms of time and money for the underprivileged children.

TO THE NEW’s dedicated team extends a helping hand to the children of Prayas Vidyalaya every week, and help them move forward with the power of education.

Monthly Campaigns
Monthly Campaigns

In a bid to align our company's values with the greater good, TO THE NEW takes CSR initiatives every month that leave a positive impact on human lives. From plantation and blood donation drives to monetary donations for natural disaster hit areas and conducting educational sessions for the underprivileged- we do it all.

TO THE NEW’s CSR Initiatives