• Deepak is responsible for the creation and execution of business strategy and spearheading growth at TO THE NEW. He works closely with the management team trying to create a rich culture of learning, R&D, ownership and people centricity. A good chunk of his time goes in strategizing on how the company should grow while remaining true to the vision and core values.

    Deepak Mittal

    Co-Founder and Group CEO

  • Narinder is a part of the IT Industry since 1996. During this time, he has worked across diverse industries, different countries and performed different roles. He is a practicing Technologist and a learning Entrepreneur. Narinder is a big proponent of Cloud, AI/ML, Data Engineering and Security and firmly believes that technology can indeed help in making the world a better place to live. At TO THE NEW, he is responsible for leading the global operations.

    Narinder Kumar

    Co-Founder and Group COO

  • Raman is the Co-Founder and CMO of TO THE NEW. He evangelizes MarTech, Inbound & B2B Marketing as well as believes in metrics driven marketing to build thought leadership. He possesses in-depth understanding of macro and micro perspectives of any business situation.

    Raman Mittal

    Co-Founder and Group CMO

  • Satya is the CHRO & Co-Founder of TO THE NEW. He is a master at hiring the "right" talent and has played a key role in setting up and flourishing people-friendly culture at the company. Satya with his extensive experience in the field of Human Resources manages all matters related to our most precious resource i.e. our talent.

    Satya Sheel Sharma

    Co-Founder and Group CHRO