The Banking, Financial Services & Insurance (BFSI) industry is undergoing continuous evolution. Financial institutions need to adopt newer technologies & models, to survive and thrive in a competitive market and meet emerging customer needs. Additionally, they also need to comply with continuously changing regulations.
Our BFSI solutions help businesses comply with regulations and meet their customer expectations with faster go-to-market and significant cost savings and improved profits. We provide services including consulting, mobile solutions, and application modernization to increase customer acquisition, activation, and retention, and enhance the user experience
Challenges being faced by the BFSI industry
  • Traditional Architecture & Disruptive Technologies
  • Continuously Changing Regulatory Compliances
  • Scalability Issues with Legacy Infrastructure
  • Competitive Costs & Reduced Margins
  • High Go-to-Market Times
  • Limited Analytics Capabilities
  • Inefficient Data Management
  • Risk of Security Breach

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Our Offerings
  • capital Markets

    Capital Markets

    Enhance customer experience through scalable solutions for Trade Execution, Market Connectivity, Trade Capture, Dealer to Dealer Market, etc.

  • Assest Management

    Asset Management

    Implement solutions for Front & Middle Office operations, insights for Sales, reporting & projections, and Risk & Compliance

  • Digital Payments

    Digital Payments

    Help payment businesses with modern, scalable and future ready technology solutions offering a competitive edge

  • ISV Products and platforms

    ISVs, Products and Platforms

    Build proprietary platforms for Investment Banking, leverage our partnerships with product companies, integrate with other industry solutions and analytics & ETL tools for our customers

  • insurance


    Leveraging emerging technologies to enhance service offerings & applications for insurance companies

Our Customers

We serve consumer-facing internet businesses across and geographies with our Lean and Agile approach

  • USA
    Backend & Frontend Dev |
    Database | Testing |
    Cloud & DevOps
  • Australia
    Data Engineering | Testing |
    BI & Data Analytics |
    Cloud & DevOps
  • USA
    DevOps (Hadoop & Linux) |
    Product Engineering |
    Data & Analytics
  • India
    Digital & Content Marketing |
    Experience Design |
    Adobe Analytics
  • India
    Backend & Frontend Dev |
    Cloud & DevOps |
    Mobility | UI/UX
  • India
    AWS | Cloud Consulting |
    Cloud Managed Services
  • USA
    Frontend & Backend Dev |
    Application Testing
  • UAE
    Frontend & Backend Dev |
    Application Testing