What we offer
Nimbus will speed through tools selection, architecture & design and get your Data Engineering project’s MVP delivered at a fraction of what it could take otherwise, at no additional cost. It's tried-and-true design pattern and pre-built modules have handled complex data ingestion, validation, search and publishing scenarios

Why Nimbus

  • Recommends context

    Recommends context-driven, best of breed services

  • Simplifies Implementations

    Simplifies Implementation using managed services

  • Emphasis on Data Security

    Emphasizes on data security, validation & quality

  • Build Strong foundation

    Builds strong foundation for data governance

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Key Highlights
A Cloud/on-premise data ingestion solution acceleration time-to-market by integrating data quality & validation as value chain elements
  • Data Ingestion
    • Supports multiple ETL tools like Nifi, Spark,SQOOP
    • Supports API, File & RDBMS ingestion
    • Supports batch and streaming Data sources
    • Support for AWS based and on-premise data lakes
    • On-premise data lakes
  • Data Quality
    • Used to verify and validate quality of large data sets
    • Users can add & edit quality constraints on the run
    • Data metrics to filter out non-compliant data sets
    • Visualization dashboard to view the reports & metrics
  • Data Validation
    • Highly flexible & compatible with multiple data sources
    • Generic checks to ensure the proper flow of data between various stages of pipeline
    • Pluggable CI/CD & new test cases, with reports for every run

High Level Solution Architecture

High Level Solution Architecture