What we offer
HAWK is a powerful end-to-end Multi-Cloud Management Platform that brings the power of automation and processes at one place. It is a game-changing platform that enables our Cloud Managed Services and DevOps teams to provide high-quality services to our clients. From seamless onboarding to efficient offboarding of client's infrastructure, from comprehensive reporting to thorough audits, from proactive monitoring to real-time alerting, our cloud solution centralizes everything into a single, robust platform
  • UX stratergy and design

    Fully automated SLA reports for a transparent look at Cloud infrastructure posture from a compliance and security perspective

  • E-commerce platform migrations

    Monitor URLs and Pull metrics from AWS, Azure on-prem infra, and hybrid clouds. Set alerts on metrics to detect unusual behaviors & take action accordingly

  • Devops and manged service

    Complete visibility of cloud infra in just a few minutes. Identify & fix complex issues like host contention, cloud provider throttling, or degraded hardware

  • E-commerce platform devlopment and maintainance

    Fully Automated Security audits like security group audits, IAM Audits, encryption audits, CIS Audits, Scout2 Reports for complete Account and infrastructure security. Also, cost recommendations to optimize cost

  • e-commerce technology

    Templated checklists ensure smooth JML (Joiners, Movers and Leavers) process implementation resulting in compliance & security for our clients

Manage your Cloud infrastructure with HAWK

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Cloud Management Dashboard
HAWK’s smart dashboard provides a bird’s eye view of the entire application and infrastructure monitoring suite from a technical and a business perspective, with a possibility to drill-down to nth level.

hawk dashboard
Gain better visibility across your Cloud Infrastructure with HAWK
  • 24-infrastructure-support

    Full application stack including containers, applications, services, infrastructure from a single console

  • DevOps Automation

    Consolidates all the data from custom application server, metrics infrastructure, applications, and databases logs at a centralized datastore

  • DevOps Management

    Allows plotting of visualizations, trends, and graphs such as custom dashboards throughput, latency graphs & metrics

  • DevOps Management

    Prompts to take corrective actions through intelligent alerts basis visualizations, breaching thresholds, and exception logs

  • DevOps Management

    Automated SLA and Audit reports ensure transparent and honest reporting of current health of Infrastructure and Operations