Getting Started with AWS WorkSpaces

02 / Mar / 2015 by Jai Prakash Dave 0 comments

AWS WorkSpaces is a service provided by AWS which provides you a cloud based desktop and allow you to access it form different devices like laptops, iPad, Amazon kindle and Android Tablets using WorkSpaces Client.

Directory Service is a service provided by AWS which is fully managed Active Directory which helps you launch your windows Server (EC2) and add them to your domain which is on your premises or you can create your own Active Directory in your AWS account only.


  1. You can enable MFA based Authentication for more secure access.
  2. Highly available.
  3. Users can access it from different devices like iPads, Amazon Kindle etc.
  4. You can get WorkSpaces with windows office license with per month Subscription.


  1. Workspaces Clients are not there for Linux System.
  2. When you launch a workspace you get billed for the complete month.

Steps to create Workspaces with your on premises Active Directory.

  1. Create “AD Connector” and pass your Active Directory Server Details like (Organization Name, Directory DNS).
  2. Once that Connection is up, click on “Launch Workspaces”.
  3. Select AD Connector created in step 1 for Active directory.
  4. Type in username and click on “Search” or click on “Show All Users” to display all user in that active directory.
  5. Select the User and click on “Add SelectedSelect User From Active Directory
  6. Select bundle according to your requirement.
  7. Click on “Launch WorkSpaces“.
  8. Once your Workspace is ready then select Workspace and click on “invite user” and get the registration Code and connect with workspaces client.

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