Infographic: 8 Complex Mobile App Testing Challenges and Ways to Overcome Them!

06 / Jun / 2017 by Shruti Kirti 0 comments

Consumer habits keep on changing. This change in their behaviour has compelled brands to leverage digital technologies and provide a superior user experience. A recent survey by eMarketer shows that Mobile App usage accounts for approximately 85% of total time spent on mobile Internet. 

Companies need to ensure that their applications perform seamlessly across multiple devices and platforms. This will also help them to gain a competitive edge over other companies. While companies want to excel at mobile app development, testing these applications manually across various devices and platforms is full of challenges. Some of these challenges include the complexity of app architecture, multiple gestures, screen sizes and orientation (portrait and landscape). Here’s where automation testing plays an important role. Automation helps to reduce manual errors and increase the test coverage of the application.

Let us have a look at some complex mobile app testing challenges and ways to overcome them.



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