Infographic: Top 5 Most Advanced Business Benefits of DevOps

24 / Aug / 2017 by Nidhi Choudhary 0 comments

A lot of companies have moved away from the traditional waterfall model and started leveraging Agile methodology and principles for faster development. Most of these organizations prefer leveraging DevOps to cut down time to market and shorter the release cycles. DevOps doesn’t just break the silos and bring the Dev and Ops together but also helps to automate a lot of redundant tasks across the delivery pipeline.

Ian Head, Research Director at Gartner, estimates that “by 2018, 90% of Infrastructure &Operation focused organizations will attempt to use DevOps without specifically addressing their cultural foundations will fail.”

Companies leveraging DevOps are also able to manage the infrastructure well, scale it up and minimize the downtime. In this infographic, we have outlined the most advanced business benefits of DevOps. Read it on!

Top 5 most advanced business benefits of DevOps_R2-01 (1)



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