[INFOGRAPHICS] 10 Pragmatic UX Techniques for Building Smarter Products

24 / Jun / 2016 by Anila Wadhera 0 comments

Designing an interface is not all child’s play! It’s not just about how good looks and great features! It is more about the overall usefulness and usability of a website or application, which is determined by how well it is performing the desired functions and how easily accessible it is.

Every design has unique requirements and capabilities and must be developed keeping the relevant context and various other factors in mind. It’s a good practice to have a clear goal in front while designing so that your users can easily achieve what they are looking for.

You may have followed every textbook rule to create an application or website with grand features and functionality but it may still not be converting visitors. Clearly, you forgot to pay attention to the UI/UX issues.

Let’s discuss 10 pragmatic UX techniques that will help you build smarter products with enhanced user satisfaction.

UX Best Techniques

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