Anila Wadhera


Vagrant – for Creating Lightweight Virtual Environments

Every application that you build needs an infrastructure that can be as simple as a server or as complex as a large collection of software and other utilities. Any application in the least would require a server with relevant software configured. Smaller applications can do with a simple setup but it becomes complex for huge...


Front End Development, Technology

[INFOGRAPHICS] 10 Pragmatic UX Techniques for Building Smarter Products

Designing an interface is not all child's play! It's not just about how good looks and great features! It is more about the overall usefulness and usability of a website or application, which is determined by how well it is performing the desired functions and how easily accessible it is. Every design has unique requirements and...



Content Migration to Adobe Experience Manager (AEM)

Content migration is the process of moving your website with all its content and digital assets from one platform to another. This data migration can either be done manually or in an automated manner. One of the most effective CMS (Content Management Solution) available today is the Adobe Experience Manager (AEM). AEM implementation is...



5 Key Advantages of Independent Testing

Testing is an important factor, not only in identifying and fixing bugs in an application but also in determining its life cycle. You will agree that thorough testing is crucial for rapid delivery of high-quality software. Industries across the globe have competently transformed testing mechanisms to proactively prevent bugs, thereby...


DevOps, Technology

10 Key DevOps Practices to Improve IT Efficiency

DevOps integrates development and operations by maintaining close communication and collaboration across Development and Operations. Development, Testing, and Operations are all directed towards a common goal and work according to inputs from each other. DevOps as a service automates the end-to-end delivery processes within an...



Usability and User Experience – the Cornerstones of UI Design

User Interface Design or Engineering, also known as Front End Development, is all about designing attractive user interfaces for different machines, software, mobile devices, or other products with the aim of enhancing user experience. UI design is extremely powerful as it leads to enhanced user engagement leading to greater success of...



CSS Preprocessors – One of the Best Practices in UI Design

CSS is a stylesheet language that illustrates the presentation of HTML or XML documents. It specifies how elements must render on the screen in a web application or on a website. Earlier web applications were written in a consolidated form with CSS written in-line with html code with some CSS code present at the top of the HTML page...