Recent digital technology advancements and rising customer expectations have put an enormous pressure on insurers to transform digitally in order stay ahead of competition and relevant for customers. The increased digital penetration has compelled the industry to strategically implement a technological infrastructure capable of launching new products with faster GTM, personalized and exceptional user experience.

While digital transformation is on a lift off in this industry, there are myriad of challenges to deal with to fully leverage the opportunities digitization has to offer. TO THE NEW can help insurers redefine customer experience and increase operational efficiency leveraging our extensive experience on cutting edge technologies and domain expertise. 

Challenges with online Insurance products
  • high-go-to-market
    High go-to-market time & cost
  • limited-analytics
    Limited analytics capabilities
  • complete-dependance
    Complete dependence on 'coding'
  • cumbersome
    Cumbersome change process
  • minimal-resuseablity
    Minimal reusability of 'buy journeys'
  • no-intelligence
    No Intelligence for lead segmentation
How we deliver value to the Insurance providers?
We help insurance companies leverage digitization in order transform and optimize the existing value chain, enable new capabilities and launch new product lines with a faster turn around.
  • Meet the demands of digital natives in Insurance
    Meet the demands of digital natives

    We can help Insurance providers develop a compelling omni-channel experience to meet the demands of digital natives

  • Improve operational efficiency
    Improve operational efficiency

    Leverage technology to transform backend operations for faster service, response times and higher profitability

  • Improve customer experience
    Improve customer experience

    Building higher customer intelligence using big data and machine learning to offer highly personalized and integrated services with improved online access

  • Leverage data analytics
    Leverage data analytics

    Provide out of the box insights leveraging data and business rule engine to help improve decision making

Industry solutions
Online Product Chassis (OPC) - A ready-to-use pre-built technology solution for insurance companies

Leveraging our technical excellence we have developed a ready framework for our insurance customers to enable faster launch of Digital Insurance products with a high degree of reusability of the “Buy Journeys” and minimal dependence of code for any change in the process.

Integrating this framework allows insurance companies to provide a personalized buying experience to each user and allow faster turn-around for releasing new products, or tweaking existing products.