Drupal Module Contributions and Issues Resolved by Experts @ TO THE NEW

22 / Mar / 2017 by kinshuk jhala 0 comments

Drupal is one of the widely used content management systems across the globe. Drupal continuously upgrades its versions with enhanced features and functionalities. Our team at TO THE NEW has been working on various Drupal versions such as Drupal 6, 7 and the latest version Drupal 8.

Outlined below are some of the modules contributed by our team and accepted by Drupal.ORG.

– Role Based Theme switcher module – This module helps to set the theme for different roles. Know more

– Domain Theme switch –This module provides the administrator interface to manage the theme. Know more

– Username Less – Username Less module helps to manage the login and registration forms. The Username less module also works for multiple domains so that we can manage the registrations and login form for different domains. Know more

– Google Map Block – This module is used to create a Google Map Block. It will provide configuration form to enter location name and address. Know more

– Minifier HTML –  This module helps in improving the overall performance of the site by Minifier HTML and any Js or CSS on your site page. Know more

Domain Route Meta Tags –  This module helps the users to manage important parts of SEO for any URLs on Drupal multi-domain websites.Users can also set different Meta tags for custom drupal urls/controller routes/views paths on different domains using domain access module. Know more 

Select box – This module helps in changing the look and feel of default select lists i.e, text, integer, float) to a new level. Know more

Switch page theme –  This module allows using different themes other than the site default theme on a specific page. Know more 

– Domain GoogleNews Sitemap – This module helps in generate a Google News sitemap which is specific to each domain fee based on the content created. Know more

– Chrome Push Notification – This module helps to send notifications in the
Chrome browser of the desktop and mobile both. Know more

Wizenoze – This module helps in Integration of Wizenoze API with Drupal. Know more

 Domain Site Settings – This module provides an administrator interface for managing site basic setting for each domain. Know more

– Multidomain Google Analytics –  This module helps to add Google Analytics tracking system to your multi domain website. Know more

– Autocomplete Node Search – This module helps to provide a block which can be configured in any region and search any node title. Know more

– Social Feeds Block –  This module provides the user to fetch the data from their respective Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram profiles. Know more

Outlined below are some of the top issues that our team was able to fix:

  • Social Auth Twitter module helps users to register and login to their Drupal site with help of their twitter account. We resolved the issue of removing an unused variable in this module.
  • In rewrite field module which helps to rewrite the output of a field, our team resolved issues pertaining to the token module.

Our team is constantly contributing to modules and issues in Drupal. We have also fixed issues such as Search API Docblock typo, Captcha session, and many others. Check out more contributions from our team – https://www.drupal.org/to-the-new


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