Exploring Lazy Loading with Blazy Module in Drupal

Introduction Lazy loading is a technique used to defer the loading of non-critical resources (such as images) on a webpage until they are needed. This can significantly improve page load times and user experience, especially on pages with large or numerous images. In Drupal, the Blazy module provides a convenient way to implement lazy...

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What is Single Sign-On (SSO) and how does it work?

Single sign-on (SSO) is an authentication method that enables users to securely authenticate with multiple applications and websites using just one set of credentials. SSO is an authentication scheme that allows a user to log in with a single ID to any of several related, yet independent software systems. True single sign-on allows users...

by raushan.tiwari
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Actions Plugin in Drupal 10

Action Plugin Overview The Actions module is a core module in Drupal that allows site builders and developers to create automated workflows by defining actions and triggers. In Drupal, actions refer to a set of tasks or operations that can be performed on a site. For example, an action can be sending an email, publishing content, or...

by radheshyam.kumawat
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Multi-Site in Drupal with lando

In this article, we will learn a step-by-step process to set up Drupal multi-site, with a shared (single) codebase and a separate database per site on a local machine, using Lando.  When to consider multi-site? Before we dive into the technical details about setting up multi-site, let us first understand when to consider multi-site...

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Making Dates Work in Drupal Using Twig: A Step-by-Step Guide

Introduction Drupal is a great tool for building websites, and it comes with a cool feature called Twig that helps make websites look good. In this blog, we'll talk about using Twig in Drupal to handle dates easily. Understanding Twig and Drupal Date Twig is like a helper for making web pages look nice, and Drupal uses it to help...

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Add Google Analytics to your Drupal website

Introduction Google Analytics is a web analytics service offered by Google that allows website owners and marketers to track and analyze various aspects of their website's performance and user behavior. It provides valuable insights into how users interact with a website, what content they engage with, where they come from, and much...

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Integrate Drupal with Apache Solr

What is Apache Solr? Apache Solr is an open-source search platform developed by the Apache Software Foundation. It's based on the Apache Lucene library and provides powerful search and indexing capabilities for websites, databases, and other content.  For Drupal users, it is possible to integrate your site with Solr. The Search API...

by jyoti.kumari
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OTP Verification through Mobile Number using Javascript

Verifying a One-Time Password (dru) typically involves comparing the OTP a user provides to the one generated by a trusted system or service. OTPs are commonly used for authentication and security purposes. Here's a general outline of how to verify an OTP. User Input The user provides an OTP through an application. Generate an OTP ...

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Boost Your Drupal Site’s Visibility with Schema Markup

What is Schema Markup and why is it important for SEO? Schema is a way of providing structured data to search engines that helps them understand the content and context of your website. Schema can improve your SEO by enhancing your visibility and relevance in the search results. For example, schema can display rich snippets, breadcrumbs,...

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Top Website Builders (CMS Platforms): Pros and Cons

Creating a website has never been easier, thanks to Content Management Systems (CMS) that offer intuitive website-building tools. There's a CMS platform for every individual, entrepreneur, or business seeking a website - whether it's for a personal blog, online store, or professional web presence. In this blog, we'll explore the top...

by Satya Prakash
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How to use Dependent Fields in Drupal 9 Node Entity

Introduction When working with complex forms, you often have fields whose state depends on the input values of other fields in the form. For example, you might have a select list of options, the options for which depend upon the value selected for another select list. In this blog, I am representing one case study of my Drupal project...

by shubham.joshi
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How to create a custom token in Drupal 8/9

Introduction Tokens are an essential feature in Drupal that allows you to dynamically insert data into various parts of your website, such as content, email templates, etc. While Drupal provides a set of default tokens, you might find yourself in a situation where you must create custom tokens to display specific information or improve...

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