Mobile Application Testing

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Testing of the mobile application is a method by which an application software system developed for hand-held mobile devices is tested for its practicality, usability, and consistency. Mobile application testing is often an automated or manual variety of testing.

Mobile testing aims to verify that every function of the application is working exactly as required. It focuses on testing user flows inside the app, further as every feature that contains every user flow.

To assure the simplest attainable quality for the end-users – the mobile application is additionally tested from numerous different aspects as well as its performance, security, and UI.

Mobile App Testing Strategies

  • Functional Testing
    This is the method of testing the functionalities like user interactions further as testing the transactions that users would possibly perform. Its aim is to confirm quality, meeting the desired expectations, reducing the danger of errors, and client satisfaction.
  • User-Experience Testing
    UX or usability testing is generally used to test the user-friendly behavior of the application. How the user interacts with the application & easy to use.
  • Security Testing
    Security testing is used to ensure that the application’s data and networking security requirements are met as per guidelines. It will include Authentication of the app permissions and certificates, Security of the users’ payment data, etc.
  • Performance Testing 
    To measure the stability, scalability, speed & responsiveness of the application under various loads, then we can go for the performance testing. Some of the commonly used scenarios are Time taken for launching the application, App performance when the network resumes into action.
  • Interruption 
    This kind of testing is generally used to see the behavior of the application throughout numerous sorts of interruptions. The interruptions will be in numerous forms together with low/full battery, alarm, push notifications, incoming call/SMS, etc. A tester should take into consideration the UI problems, app crashes, and performance problems while performing interrupt testing.

Major Challenges for Mobile Testing

  • Different OS Flavors 
    Testing the functionalities of the mobile app in various operating systems is important to examine the performance of the app. Have a clear policy on the OS versions the app will support. If the application is a web-based mobile app, we also need to take care of the browser versions on top of the operating system.
  • Testing Applications Across Networks 
    Network connectivity is something we can not define presumption. Also, there are good chances that app users might be dependent on a 2G network. So from a testing point of view, we have to check the application works smoothly on all networks
  • Screen Sizes 
    While testing the mobile applications on completely different screen sizes isn’t simple even once it involves automation. Screen size is important to require into consideration once testing an app since it will uncover bugs that negatively impact the layout of the app.
  • Different Application Varieties 
    Mobile applications may be Native, Web-based, or Hybrid. Each of their test case scenarios can vary since their implementation is completely different from each other, particularly once we do performance, stress, compatibility, and agreement testing. Native applications have lesser scope for testing, hybrid, and web apps, on the opposite hand, need each on and off-platform testing. Web applications need to be tested more on the selection of browser versions and Native, Hybrid apps for execution, download, compatibility, platform interaction, and updates
  • Third-Party Integration 
    We tend to sometimes assume that an integrated third-party application would work seamlessly upon integration which it doesn’t ought to be tested. However, which may not be true at all times as the environment in a mobile application changes speedily. Thus, third-party integrations ought to be totally tested by testers to confirm a seamless experience for his or her users.

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